A Letter

Hello Wonderfolks 🖤

Hope you all are doing good!

I have been considering to write this for so long. My brain was in a dormant state for literally past 20 days. I couldn’t make any clear writings and that’s why there’s a long gap between the last post and this.
It was my friend who suggested me to write about something that I’m obsessed with. And this is a short story behind this Letter.

P.S: I hope this letter is not called the one breaking the Societal Stereotypes because I consider that it’s the Liberty that one posseses to write about his/her crush publicly.

Dear Crush,

I know you’re fine and cared a lot. I am sure you’ll never get to see this or read this letter.

The thoughts that I have about you will never diminish even if I find my real man.

There stands the moon who is surrounded by millions of stars and I’m one among them who winks at you, my moon. You are not my sunshine to a gloomy day rather a rainbow to my rainy day.

I speak with you in my dreams, but I don’t remember your voice. I’m sure it will be as hot as you look.

Oh, you stunner! You always look stunning but you be extra more stunning in ‘BLACK’ . I really can’t stop drooling over you when you’re in black.

A drive with you is a far-off dream that is out of reach but still somewhere in heart you represent possibility, possibility of change and hope.

No matter what, the crush on you will be neverending and remember, I won’t quit on you.

Hoping daily that we’ll meet soon and forever (but forever is a myth to me babe!).

Like, Luck, Love all start with same alphabet that your name does. Isn’t this fascinating?!
~Dear Lamborghini

A lover of yours,


My dear Wonderfolks, did you think this letter is for a person?

Lamborghini’s pictures give me instant happiness and that’s the reason it’s being my constant crush.

It is the same Hema, who said Happiness does not primarily lie in materialistic possessions but you don’t have to give up on momentary joys that exist around.

This obsession is not gonna affect me in anyway because we usually expect back atleast ‘some love’ that we give to fellow humans but not from any inanimate objects. The love you give doesn’t vanish, they come back to you in some or the other form.

Thank you for reading!😊

Did I manage to keep up the suspense throughout the letter?
Let me know in the comment section below.
And don’t forget to share this with all the Lamborghini Lovers (Damn! I’m in love with Alliteration😎)!

See you later- Wonderfolks 🖤

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