Why did this topic suddenly pop-up? How should I start? Why am I always writing about myself?

“I don’t know” is the common answer.

Okay, let me introduce all of you to my sibling, no not a sibling, yes, sibling (little confused).

The scar on my left arm is just 6 months younger than my brother.

Since the age of 5, we had been facing numerous questions, queries and inquiries together.

Yes, it rarely fails to grab attention from people. Everybody I meet in person never fail to raise questions about it.

When I was young, everytime I’m asked about it, I look at my mom and she narrates the incident to the questioner. As I grew up older, I began to answer all their dumb questions.

A couple of years back, a NEET aspirant asked:

” Hema, does it pain? ”

( Mind says: Dear Society, be ready to welcome a Doctor who lacks common sense.)

The one who pretends to be so caring suggests a:

” Plastic surgery ”

(Mind says: Would you please mind your bullshit business? My parents and doctors are more concerned about me than you babe…)

Most idiotic people ask :

“Were you a naughty kid?”

(Mind says: Excuse me, why do you ask me this? Do you think only naughty kids face such injuries?

My answer is a big NO!)

Some people give a sympathetic look as though I’m in a pathetic situation.

(Mind says: Hello, don’t dare to look at me in the same way you did now. It’s fucking disgusting!)

Last but never least:

People start giving me advices to not worry about it and blah! blah! blah!

(Mind says: Can you please stop your dumbass advices for a minute? Wait, did I seek advices from you?! )

Oh, I missed to address my readers!!

Hello Wonderfolks!🖤

Hope you all are doing good

I’m sorry for being so rude. But trust me, I never give such aggressive answers to anyone. Offending people around me affects me badly ( I don’t know, why?).

Several times I asked myself, ‘WHY ME ?’ It was initially difficult to face people and their questions as I grew up, I realized that people would never stop questioning and I can either escape from them.

It took several years to understand that this scar is a part of me and I have to accept it.

John Green rightly said, “Marks that humans leave are too often scars”. I believe that these scars are never more painful than the pain people cause. I know my scar can be vanished with a surgery without leaving a trace of it. But the memories and experiences that I had with it will live with me forever.

Everyone has scars we just don’t wear all of them on the outside.

~ Unknown

I began to embrace scars, that are both inside and outside. Believe that you are a STAR and you are BEAUTIFUL!

Leave your thoughts about this in your comment section below.

Thank you so much for reading! 😊

See you later ~ Wonderfolks 🖤

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74 thoughts on “SCARS!

  1. this writeup is amazing, full of raw personal feelings. I have scars of my own, ugly ones, I guess we all have them. I totally agree with your point and I especially like Green’s quote that you’ve shared. 🙂

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  2. Beautifully expressed hema!
    Yea … everyone has scars… just that people don’t express it.
    I love this blog which have smthg diff in it.
    Continue rocking hems 🖤

    Liked by 4 people

  3. …. “I never give such aggressive answers to anyone. Offending people around me affects me badly ( I don’t know, why?)”….
    I have an answer 🙋🏻
    ❤️Because i found you beautiful not only from outside but you are having a beautiful soul as well,❤️
    Stay safe, stay healthy
    Keep smiling😊💐💐💐💐💐

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  4. I got a scar when I was in 2nd grade. I hit the doorknob and it missed my right eye by a few inches.

    It’s truly life-changing since the scar and its history becomes a part of you 🤕

    When I got the scar, I didn’t ask myself too many questions to myself. However, since my scar is on my face, tons of people asked me what happened and I had to repeat the entire story every single time.

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  5. I relate to this so much!!! No one has the right to look at our scars and judge us or ask us and there is no one who gets to suggest how to get rid of them!!! We are beautiful people and we choose how we see our scars, this world doesn’t get to dictate our narrative🌻

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