6 Word Story #5

Hello Wonderfolks!πŸ–€

This post is in response to Shweta’s Six Word Story Prompt ~ Judge.

1. ‘My wish’, don’t judge, she screamed.

2. Better judgemental than a dumb human.

3. No judgements please!
It’s my Life.

Thank you so much for reading.πŸ™‚

See you later ~ WonderfolksπŸ–€


35 thoughts on “6 Word Story #5

  1. Now You prompt me to write.

    1. If you judge, You cannot love

    2. Don’t wait for others to judge.

    3. Judge yourself. Blame yourself. Not others.

    4. Only Fools Judge the intentions of God.

    Thanks for stimulating the grey cells. I don’t know if these qualify for your letter prompts.

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