Not a Loss…

Those words,
Those sentences,
you said,
can’t be rectified ever,
They revealed your real colours.
You say: I’m her only light,
Nah! You were fading mine, Man!
I’m building a strong-self after,
a worthless Loss.

According to me, it’s always good to stay away from anyone who demands to compromise our self-esteem for their sake. The “loss” specified here is not Death.

Also, this post is a late response to: Sammi’s Weekend Prompt

Thank you so much for reading!🙂


80 thoughts on “Not a Loss…

  1. Nice poem Hema. Your response to challenges is great.

    You won the challenge with Your 35 words poem for the word ‘rectify’.

    And it is very meaningful in that We are to keep our boundaries in all our relationships. The moment our boundary is transgressed, we ought to respond effectively.

    Good JOB.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughtful review, Sir!!
      You are absolutely right, every relationships has its own boundaries and it is very much necessary to set a limit.
      Thanks a lot, Sir! Your comments make me extremely happy that, sometimes I go short of words…❤️

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