The sky looks fine. But my mind isn’t. I walk slow, dead slow as my dark thoughts endlessly flow. The city would soon turn dark, accompanying my darker ruminations.

Who would turn up to hold my hands and conclude the walk?

Atleast my shadow have these Street Lights. I’m elated.

This post is in response to 50 Word Thursday Challenge #90 – To find the muse in the picture above or from the prompt given below.

You worry me, Catherine. You seem to think you’re quite invincible.” ― Lorraine Heath, In Bed with The Devil

Thank you so much for reading!🙂


44 thoughts on “Company.

  1. I relate. To anyone that struggles with dark thoughts, sometimes it was how you were trained to think early in life and practice will eventually correct, sometimes it’s a medical condition which may or may not have a solution (and can be hard to find someone to properly and fully diagnose), and sometimes it’s a combination of the two. Keep your head up and keep trying, those that don’t have the struggle will never understand.

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    1. True true true!
      I really appreciate you for taking time to write your thoughts here for me. Although my write-up is my imagination and I felt that it suited the picture provided, I decided to proceed with publishing it. You are right and only people who have struggled can understand this.
      Thank you so much for reading ma’am!❤️


  2. Hema,

    You are a real inspiration, that at this tender age, you have a penchant for verses..

    You have inspired me to write these verses:: However they stand no match to yours.

    The sky is still
    Streets drench in man made light
    My mind is still roaring
    I hurry up trembling
    Doubling my steps
    My shadow chases me

    If in this solitary hour
    A someone holds my palms
    And dampens my racing heart
    I will love this darkness..

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    1. Sir, I’m flattered this time. It’s a blessing to have someone who appreciate our works. Thank you so much for your encouragement, Sir.

      Your poem is beyond my standard (although I never consider to have one), yours is extremely beautiful! Embrace not just our scars also, the darkness.
      I love this poem, Sir.

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