New Twin

Argh! My mind and this place are twinning. Both- deserted and abandoned; reminding me all that I wish to neglect.

This harsh reality transformed me into a drunken poet whose words bleed claret red.

I just hope that you refill the blankspace.

Okay, atleast we are under the same sky.

This post is in response to Deb Whittam’s 50 Word Thursday .

Thank you so much for reading!🙂


55 thoughts on “New Twin

      1. Oh yea! About that, I tried out a few poems.

        You know how I previously told you about poems on nature, I wrote one on weather which came out decent. However, I don’t feel like putting it on the blog since it’s not related to India or Tamil in any way. I can DM it to u on Instagram if u want to read it. But don’t have high expectations lol!

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  1. The ocean has its limits in the beach

    The beach has its limits in the thorny man made fence

    They are broken, rusted

    Some one has strayed into the beach
    Leaving their undisturbed tyre prints

    Even as the ocean strayed into the beach
    Creating an U-bank
    As the Sky watches.

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