Poem to a Poet

I always wondered who would,
give back all the love I shower,
you defeated my mirror.

You say,
I rebuilt the ‘madman’ in you,
to a passionate poet.

You bewitched my heart,
with beautiful flattery
and impeccable poems.

Everyday, a thousand times,
I fall for your words, love and the hazel eyes.

Prompt used: Bewitched from Eugi

Thank you so much for reading!🙂

97 thoughts on “Poem to a Poet

      1. When I read the poem, it’s very simple….but when I sense the words….their meaning, it’s simply beautiful & deep….carving the madman into the passionate poet…love is magnificent

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    1. Awwwwwwwwwww!😭❤️
      I’m flattered! I’m in love with this comment. Thank you sooooo much, ma’am. I’m super happy and this is a proud moment too.😎🙈
      Writing poems was my long time desire and I never expected that it would have good reach. I still feel great when people call me a ‘Poet’.
      Thank you again!❤️

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      1. That is the sweetest response to my comment, ever! I am so so glad that you liked it, everything I said was true, dear.
        I totally understand what you mean, and that feeling should never go away, it is priceless. Keep writing, dear. 💕🤗🥂💙

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  1. Renaissance
    Of Love
    More in
    Alone How
    Far Love
    Tears Dry…
    Yes indeed ‘i
    Am’ ‘That Poet’
    But i Only
    Is For Others…
    For my Words
    Are Feather
    Free in
    Breeze in
    Deed God is
    The Feather We
    Watch and At
    Wind Free Seeing 🌬 💨
    As Clouds Kiss
    A Stranger FRiEnD🙌🙏

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      1. I expected this!😄
        I’ll better call you Sis.
        Your about page gave answers to all my questions, the reason behind dessertflower is so beautiful and deep. To be honest, the name attracted me and it led me to your interesting blog.

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  2. Wow incredibly beautiful. I absolutely love the “you defeated my mirror” line, and the “I rebuilt the ‘madman’ in you” I am here sitting with these words feeling all the feels. Thanks for the inspiration.

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