And everything in between…

Our wavelengths hardly match,
Our thoughts rarely sync,
We seldom wear matching outfits,
We don’t go for coffee dates,
candle light dinners, chew over future,
Kiss in public, exchange expensive gifts.

We talk about the empty chairs in the park,
nocturnal birds like us, starlight, full moon,
thorns in rose plant, nostalgia and Heartbreaks.
We share priceless secrets,
bitter life experience,
and harsh truth of sphere.

She’s a mathematician who measures
the length of my bleeding heart.
She’s a chemist who knew
my melting point.
She’s a pharmacist who offers
pills to my miseries.
She’s an artist who adds
tint to my unlit soul.

She says her happiness
lies in her memories, but mine in hers.
Humans offend her and when she cries,
her scars turn into stardust.
We feel the serein warming hearts
fight Kakorrhaphiophobia together.
We are a duplet,
exquisitely average,
swallowing pain
and blooming from darkness.
She’s not just my lady-love,
a friend to a soulmate
and everything in between…

The jealous society grudges over our flawed love story,
Dear Diary,
I hope you don’t do the same.

[Kakorrhaphiophobia – It is an abnormal, persistent, irrational fear of failure.]

I literally spent a weekend writing this. I don’t know why it consumed so much time. I still doubt about the outcome even after posting it in my Instagram page. Also, I love writing as a male protagonist.

Thank you so much for reading!πŸ™‚


62 thoughts on “And everything in between…

  1. It’s so beautiful Hema. Don’t think I could tell it wasn’t a male if I didn’t know you are female.
    Maybe just that males can’t usually evade physical attributes and allusions when it comes to passioned romance.
    But I haven’t read nearly enough to be sure.
    Loooove this 🧑

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      1. Am doing well Hema, how about you?

        It’s a pleasure to read your work! Matured thinking shows in everything you put here. You keep impressing me with every post.

        Hectic work schedule is holding me off from posting anything! And little bit of time I manage to get goes in reading others posts! 😜 Which I enjoy a lot..

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      2. I’m doing good too…πŸ˜‡
        Aww, your words are so encouraging!!

        Haha, likewise I have college, assignments and exams. Reading others posts give immense joy and inspiration.
        December is very fast, it’s like yesterday I said this to you – “have a great weekend”!❀️

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  2. Hello Hemalatha Ramesh.

    I think the soul
    knows our destiny
    from woman to man
    and their children together

    heartache too
    the harsh reality
    not becoming aware of that
    one’s own and others

    nostalgia doesn’t help
    a magic of ours
    childish mind
    could help over it
    we can die of heartache
    when we feel the unspeakable suffering
    the beloved in longing
    and desire not
    will never have next to us

    Nobody else knows me
    my melting point
    not even the nobility of spirit
    of all arts

    To be lucky
    belongs in the fairy tale
    of your own childhood
    my heart is crying
    often about the lost
    lovely face
    those days

    i have the spell
    between me
    a woman not in my hand
    often I don’t even know
    if she hears my heart
    by touching their eyes
    that it beats for them
    in the reverberation for days

    I don’t tell my diary
    I tell you
    the word love
    is mine as an experience
    unknown as an event

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma

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  3. Hema, writing this lovely poem was a weekend well spent! I usually work on even short poems over a period of a couple of days, drafting and revising. Trying to write from a male point of view is an added challenge, but your male readers seem to approve. Have a great day! ❀ ❀ ❀


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