definition of tenderness, ft. my love and feelings #12

i) Tenderness lies in your eyes, that care me like kid, that look for the remnants of my pasts and clear them leaving no traces.

ii) Tenderness lies in my mum’s words, that are soft and gentle stimuli that my nerve cells perfectly respond to.

iii) Tender lies in the sad songs, I weirdly vibe with, they are the sympathetic hands, who have me afloat in the ocean of my thoughts.

iv) Tenderness lies in your chest, on which I lay upon and rest, it’s my haven on the terrible purple days.

v) Tenderness lies in the air that you breathe out and it touching my earlobes, its are warmer and comforting than the furnace in the living room.

vi) The cute little poems you write for me, are lovey-dovey and heartwarming, the huge efforts you take to bring a small smile in my face is where tenderness lies in.

vii) When we walk barefoot on the grass, you lift and hold me in your hands to avoid the sharp edges of the grass hurting my tender feet, you know this act of yours is tenderness.

viii) How we draw in similarities between opposites and cancel out the odds and multiply the evens in each of us is the synonym of a tender, humane love, I strongly believe in this.

ix) When I’m desperate or when I’m struck by anxiety for the nth time on the same day, you hold my hand and say, “Calm down, I’m there”, that motherly warmth you give to my palms, spread all over my shivering body and provide great relief, what else can define tenderness?

x) When everyone said it’s hard to handle a person experiencing PTSD, your love was my therapy.

Reference: Purple Day is a global grassroots event formed with the intention to increase worldwide awareness of epilepsy, and to dispel common myths and fears of this neurological disorder.

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric disorder that may occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event such as a natural disaster, a serious accident, a terrorist act, war/combat, or rape or who have been threatened with death, sexual violence or serious injury.

Thank you so much for reading! ❤️

20 thoughts on “definition of tenderness, ft. my love and feelings #12

  1. “Tenderness is the grassroots of love and Kindness
    from precious-to-piccelessness
    manking Tenderness into Flawlessness.”
    _-Van Prince

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  2. “Tenderness is the grassroots of love and Kindness
    from precious-to-piccelessness
    manking Tenderness into Flawlessness.”
    _-Van Prince

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  3. Thanks Hemalatha
    My Wife Challenged

    With Epilepsy

    me Born



    Not Able

    To Put


    With Words


    Until Four

    Yes i’ve
    PTSD And Just
    About All the


    Of Challenge

    Only MaKinG

    me More
    Empathic Now

    All The


    In The World

    If We Make



    Us Angels

    With Wings

    Instead of

    Demons With Horns🦋

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      1. Thanks So Much
        Hemalatha Kindness
        Keeps The Human
        World Turning As

        LonG As
        We All Don’t

        Give Up On
        Love at Least
        One Person
        In Every Connection

        Must Be Strong
        Enough To Never

        Give Up On A Smile
        A Real Challenge in
        An Age Where Attention
        For The Feelings That


        This Connection

        Are Often Lost in

        Distraction That
        Isn’t Even Flesh
        And Blood At All🌻😊🙏

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