6.6 things that remind me of love

1. Coral & Reef. I made a tiny aquarium of self-contained ecosystem, Dad got me a pair of Neon Tetras.
I named them Coral and Reef, after a year, coral passed away and reef lost his breath exactly after 11 days. I don’t know if they were friends or lovers but I’m sure, they loved each other, since then, everytime I look at the empty aquarium in which my Mom later filled with water and rose petals, reminds me that love exists.

2. Gardener. We appointed an old uncle to look after our garden. He waters the plants religiously and take care of them as if they are his own children. He never lets any of us to pluck the flowers in his presence, he calls them Angels. Compassion is love. Benevolence is love. Sympathy is love. Tenderness is love.
( this old man teach me life lessons everyday )

3. School. When I was in middle school, there was a couple in higher secondary and they were known to every single of us and there were teachers who intentionally put them in different sections, later, they parted ways, moved to different cities to pursue their dreams. My friend shared their marriage invitation in our WhatsApp group a few days back. School love might end up in marriage too, I said to myself.

4. Grandpa. My grandma passed away years back, but grandpa lights lamp and adorn the framed picture of hers with white jasmine every evening. I ask him the reason and he says, “my wife can’t bear cold climate, when we were together I rub her palms to keep her warm, these lamp play my part now and jasmine symbolises beauty and purity which are synonyms of my lady love”. I left the room with tears.

5. Sad Poet. He obscures himself in between lines, breathing paradoxes, writing about the love he lost, about the love that has gone too far, every cubic centimetre of air he breathes is full of her and her memories, the fire in him puts off itself due to lack of oxygen. He inhales her thoughts and exhales pain but he’s made of love and his poems are love.

6. Mom. If the clock strikes 9:30 pm and if Dad doesn’t turn up home, Mom rings up to his phone a million times, spams his WhatsApp with “where are you?”. She gets terribly anxious and says that she never wants to complete her day without having dinner with Dad and she waits patiently until he arrives. I witness this love everyday.

6.6 Myself. I spread hatred, I influence my best friend to hate the person I hate, but still that lasts for just few days or so, I look at the mirror and smile the widest, I smile the same way at everything and everyone. Many a times, I say that I’m here to spread love, in all purest ways. If I can hate a person in a single way, I’ll love the same person in 100+ new ways. It reminds me that love exists, in myself, in my cells and marrows.

Thank you so much for reading! ❤️


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