Things that instil hope in my heart

Things that instil hope in my heart:

1) Restoration videos. YouTube is known for its strange and stranger recommendation of random videos. When I lay hopeless, appears the videos in which abandoned, rusted, neglected objected are refurbished. If gadgets/ articles/ devices can/are conditioned, my heart that’s crippled can be mended, right?

2) Park. When I visit the park, I see children playing on a seesaw, the sight strangely evokes thoughts and I begin to ponder the philosophy of life, the law of balance, how inextricable- the process of going up and down are. This brings hope that I’ll rise soon every time I fall.

3) Kids. I see kids smiling when their friends ride down the slide, they smile wider as they enjoy the to and forth motion of the swing, the mud makes them merrier, their smile provides abundant warmth. They don’t look for reasons to smile, instead, they create one. They give hope to smile and to live.

4) Plants. I love plants. Unlike us don’t complain about the seasons, they adapt to the changes, they convert their struggles into strengths, sometimes, healthy buds from the dead plant grow when replanted in another pot. They symbolise hope, strength and strive to thrive.

Thank you so much for reading ❤


39 thoughts on “Things that instil hope in my heart

  1. I love it when things get repaired or fixed too. It’s such a feel-good moment especially if I can manage to put them back together. Kids are so innocent and carefree. We should be more like them. Plants can be pretty resilient. Loved this post, Hemlatha.

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  2. SMiles Hemalatha
    Consistently Nature
    Moves Sways As Branches
    Blow Leaves Becoming Wind

    NoW As Living

    Trees ⛅️

    Even 😊

    Solid Oaks 🌳

    Dance This Way🍃🍂🍁🏝☺️🙏
    Moving Connecting Co-Creating

    Dancing Free As Leaves Become
    Wind Spiraling To Soils Feeding

    Green Of Spring Souls RiSinG Again

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  3. And what instills hope in my heart is the fact that people like you still exist 😊 People who know how to regain their lost self. People who see the best in the worst.


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