Ode to Madras

Kolams beautifying the roads, houses filled with the fragrance of agarbattis and voices of Suphrabatham are blissful morning says, my Dad.
The chaotic commutations in trains and buses, the tart mango, guava sold with salt and chilli leaving us with watered mouths, busy roads with glaring horns and quarrels, full-meals in hotels and an extra cup of rasam, sunrise and sunset view from the terrace, morning jogs in Anna Nagar Tower Park, sugarcane juice stalls quenching your thirst in scorching summer is the life Chennai gives you.

Kabaalishwarar temple’s Prashad, Marina’s burnt corn, Vasantha Bhavan’s idli, sambhar; Sowcarpet’s jalebi and vada pav, Sathyam Cinemas gourmet caramel popcorn not just satisfy the cravings also gives enormous joy and a sense of calmness.

Chepauk being the talk of the town during the IPL season, Marina and Malls being the place where the proposals of this era happen, Napier Bridge- it’s marching for a cause, walkathons, the visual effects, neon lights stealing hearts, Chennai Central and Egmore railway stations holding the true scenes of parting away, excursions and explorations. Hindus taking part in Christmas Carol, spending New Year’s Eve in Santhome Church; Muslims, Christians visiting Hindu friends house in Navaratri to have sundal and payasam, a common love for Ramzan Biriyani- diversity exists in every nook and corner of our lives.

The streets of Chennai filled with paintings, illustrations to narrate moral stories, to bring in awareness depicts the simplicity people have imbibed in them so naturally. The love for cheta’s chai, street food, street shawarma depicts the austerity they carry in their sleeves.

Chennai, a city of non-stop commotion, congestion, noise, rallies, protests. Nevertheless, one can deny the fact that it’s an ocean of emotions, experience, a beautiful city of real, lively people who run errands with erratic life, wearing dreams as capes.

Chennai, a city of festive, language and collective embodiment.

// Madras, a montage of memories//

I wrote this as an contribution for Madras Day. Madras Day is a festival organized to commemorate the founding of the city of Madras (now Chennai) in Tamil Nadu, India. It is celebrated on 22 August every Year.

This is a very random write-up. I never expected that it would turn out okayish to be published here. Writing about a city on an whole was challenging because words couldn’t cover up the little aspects.

Thank you so much for reading! ❤️


39 thoughts on “Ode to Madras

  1. Had goosebumps reading this. A bit of water in my eyes too. No one can describe Chennai better! “Vandharai vazhavaikkum Chennai”, they say. A home to so many immigrants, a safe haven for unemployed people to fled to, what not! You celebrated Chennai with your beautiful words more than any festival can! THAT, is Chennai. Unity- Hindus, Muslims, Christians celebrating each other’s festivals, everyone in temples, the smell of agarbathi (and cow dung in Triplicane 😜), etc… A true land of culture! Thanks for this beautiful post honouring Namma Chennai. 😊🙏🤍💖

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    1. I know rightttttttt! And the chance we get celebrate Holi, have puris that are soaked in ghee if we have north indian friends aahhh Chennai has everything!!❤️

      And that phrase is so true. Since people add it in every post I didn’t wanna use it 😂

      What else could make me happy more than a Chennaiite validating this post? Thank you so much for reading ❤️

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  2. That’s a beautiful tribute to a wonderful city. I’ve only visited it in passing over a few weekends while my father was posted there. We used to roam about in T Nagar. I think he used to stay somewhere called Duraiswamy subway or something

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    1. Aahh, T Nagar is known for its crowds during the festival seasons. The shops were asked to shut down by the government due to the inability to manage the crowd by the managers.

      Thank you so much for reading! ❤️


  3. I love your random posts!!! This was so captivating and intriguing to read, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Your words took me on adventures, and that’s the work of a very talented writer! Amazingly done, dear friend 🖤🤗

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