For a student his world is full of desks, chairs, chalks and books. With summers and autumns, with exposure to the sphere, better lessons are taught and learnt. Can there be a better teacher, a better classroom than life?

This post is in response Three line tales by Sonya.

I’m not sure if this sounds like a tale. I usually don’t write stories (never tried, to be frank), I still attempted it, since the picture intrigued me so much.


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  1. It is a very relevant question that you have raised . Sincere attempts should be made by people concerned to find the answer. Till then the kids will suffer.
    Stay blessed always

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  2. The Order of A Class Room All Designed
    Neatly As Desks In Rows And A Chalkboard
    Centered For Every View With Of Course the

    Purpose Of Automating Humans to
    Oil The Big Wheels of Society
    That in Original Design
    of Meaning is to
    Make Life
    Happier Now

    And Not Such
    A Struggle Against the
    Chaos Art of Nature That
    Naturally Is Master of All

    Indeed Humans Rebel
    And Consume Nature
    With This Well Oiled Machine
    of Automating Human Beings

    So What Will Nature Have to Say
    About This Well Nature is All Do Yes
    Action And Consequence Naked with
    No Secrets For What Comes in View Next
    Floods, And Fires, And Pandemics, Just A Trinity
    To Start With More Powerful Storms to Simply Distribute

    Heat of Oceans More Now Real

    i N N A T U R E B A L A N CinG

    Well You See my Dear FRiEnD
    Hemalatha Humans Are Surely
    Not Any Happier Overall than Before
    What’s Lacking in A Moving Connecting
    Co-Creating Life May only Be Attached to

    Screens Far Away From Horizons of Heaven Evermore Springing
    Dancing Singing Free Without Restraint After Foraging Through
    The Day FRiEnDS With Gravity in Balance in Moving to Conserve
    Every Vital Calorie As Lions Gracefully Glide Across Savanah’s True
    Where Focus on Task And Never Distraction In Flow Difference Between
    Capturing Prey Now to Eat or Being Eaten By Larger Predator Same Yet

    Of Course

    The Lion

    Is King of
    the Savannah
    And Humans Naked
    Are Not So Now We Have
    The Classroom to Defeat the
    Lion From Eating Us And Are
    Eating NaTuRE ALL Our Only Home
    That Breathes and Feeds Us All So What

    Do i See Here As a Substitute Teacher of Poetry
    in Free Song And Dance in Free Steps Wherever i Glide
    FLoWinG FRiEnDS With Gravity of Life Just Another Center
    Aisle Dance Floor in Walmart Where Children Hold Onto Joy of
    Dance With Me And Those Who Have Fallen As Tools of the

    Big Buying
    And Selling



    in Some Dream
    Within of Past

    What Human Being even means…

    So i Dance… So i Sing Free No Longer
    Prisoner of Straight A’s at the top of the
    Class 19 Years and 3 Degrees yet you see
    i Learned my Lesson in School Early too i Fell
    to the Straight ‘A’ Disease And Quit Three Months
    in Pursuit of one Degree i didn’t Like to Make Money
    And Returned to Earn 3 Degrees that Would Not earn
    me any Money at all….

    i Left And Smiling
    Served Rental Shoes
    At A Military Bowling
    Center in A Village

    of Human
    Where the Common
    Religion Was 10 Pins
    And The Only War Then
    Between Humans Was Knocking

    Those 10 Pins Down it made People ToGeTHeR

    Happy True it Was Religion Then Enough For That…

    Eventually i Was Forced to Get Promoted to Stay in
    Government Service Attached to A Screen in an Office
    With A Title And A Computer And A Desk Again And 5 Times
    More Pay For 5 Years i Fell Again And This Go around it was
    more Severe Than 3 Months to Reboot 66 Months Shut-in
    With 19 Stress Related Disorders All A Synergy of Life
    Threat With No Prognosis of Recovery i Regained
    My Life Healing Through Song of Soul
    And Dance of Life Free Again

    And Since then 8 Years
    Ago 15,333 Miles of Public
    Dance in All the Consuming
    Stores Reminding Humans What
    it means to Be Human Moving Connecting
    Co-Creating Free And yes 9.6 MiLLioN Words
    of Free Verse Poetry All An Anthology off Free Verse
    “SonG oF mY SoUL” Responses Just like this to Human Beings Who
    Are Doing THeiR Best to Keep THeiR Human Being Through Art of Writing


    our Globe

    SMiLes my

    FRiEnD i Don’t
    Wait for the Party

    i Am the Party Either
    Solo or Many More Than one
    Again Thank You For the Kind Welcome my FRiEnD…

    And As Far as Science Goes as My Degrees Were in Anthropology,
    Social Sciences Interdisciplinary, And Health Science Far Away From
    My Natural Systemizing Skills That Eventually Earned me Promotions
    on my Own learning Through Information Technology and Financial Management…

    That i Thought i Escaped
    in College Yet Came Back
    to Haunt me to Earn a Living to
    Survive as We Most All Must Do

    Science Shows That As We Stay
    With Mechanical Cognition Activities
    Our Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual
    Intelligences Wither Away True Age

    Old Philosophy of

    Yin and


    We Lose the
    Yang the ART of heART
    The ART of smART And
    Art of EartH; And EH, All
    We Are Left with is HE
    And S And M my FRiEnD

    Cold Automated Human
    Beings With no Affect of Song
    in Their Voice of Soul Reflecting
    SPiRiT oF HeART With No Steps
    As FRiEnDS With Gravity in Grace of
    Balancing Dance True Just That Empty

    Classroom my



    Lost From Being…
    Desks And Chalkboard With No Soul Now…

    (Yet Still The Dance Floor Stands Out to me)

    i’ve Watched So Many Human Beings
    Slowly Die in Soul This Way the Last
    8 Years And All 5.3 Decades of my Life
    Before as i Wasted Away For 66 Months
    And 11 Years Before That At Work Yes Bowling


    is True Insanity
    Indeed my FRiEnD…

    Yet Dancing Solo In
    Public Makes Some Human Noise..

    We aRe Not Evolved to Graduate Out of Being Human…
    Or Simply Out of Being Naked Nature Free WHeRE the Greatest
    Human Pandemic is Ignorance of Nature Deficit Disorder NDD
    Yes Same As God Deficit Disorder in my Eyes GDD And NLRLD

    No Longer


    Living Disorder
    iNDeed Hehe and
    Yes This Story Went

    On Longer Than 3 Lines WiTH SMiLes..
    If Nothing Else Again A Party of One my FRiEnD…


    With SMiLes..:)


  3. I LOVE this piece, my dear Hema. Especially that final line, so powerfully said! Your posts are always deeply beautiful on so many levels, thank you for sharing your gifts 💫🖤🤗

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