Ft.Scars to your beautiful

//oh, she don’t see, the light that’s shining
deeper than the eyes can find it
maybe we have made her blind
so she tries to cover up her pain
and cut her woes away
’cause covergirls don’t cry
after their face is made//

as the world demeans tears, fears
the true visions, emotions of one
wanes like a moon, never growing back,
faces are veiled, with satin cloth,
whose threads are of numbness,
disheartedness, dismal and despair.

the shine of one is overshadowed,
by censorious acts.
one with short-sighted view
blames, find faults,
with their microscopic thoughts,
undermining the real efforts of others.

//but there’s a hope that’s waiting for you in the dark
you should know you’re beautiful just the way you are
and you don’t have to change a thing
the world could change its heart
no scars to your beautiful
we’re stars and we’re beautiful//

we are surrounded by heads,
whose eyes goggles right from the fringes
to the toe nail colour,
the mere looks causing insecurity,
judgements cracking down the confidence,
the lame comments on the wrist’s size,
body weight, waist circumference,
peeping bones and bent back
are the slow poison of the modern days.

as long as one is caught
in the vicious circle of
blame, criticism, opinions,
age old explications,
the grief continues to consume us,
as we unfold the ways to
water moral self and open the doors of
the world around changes,
changes slowly, maybe not.

as we sow and nurture the seeds of hope,
on gloomy days of now sunshine,
hope grows to be a tree,
providing doses of optimism,
courage to cut off things
that bring you down.

as we begin to build a halo,
let the real emotions do magic,
we begin to glow,
brighter than the stars in a dark sky.

//nurture you, yourself//

Here is the link to the Original Song. It’s inspiring and empowering!

This is the first post from the series ‘Songs × Poems’ (suggest a better name pls :p) that I’ve curated. I hope you like the upcoming posts.

P.S: The text in Italics are lyrics of the song.

Thank you so much for reading! ❤


28 thoughts on “Ft.Scars to your beautiful

  1. Another beauty, my dear friend!!! I LOVE this new series and I am so looking forward to more! Music is always such a great muse…the way you gracefully intertwine your magical words and the song’s inspiration is just perfect! AMAZING, as always 🥰🤗🖤

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  2. SMILes Dear Hemalatha It’s Raining on the
    Gulf Coast It’s Pouring 5th Tropical System
    in Just a Little Over A Month Hehe on 9.16.2021

    It’s More Like
    A Monsoon

    of India

    These Days

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    State of Florida

    Yet i Have A Secret
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    No Matter How Winters Spring Summer Falls…

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    Still At Age

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    Singing Everywhere
    i Go MaKinG All Words
    Sacred Song Every Move
    And Step Holy Dance Only

    To Generate More Words of Song
    Every Peace Inhale of Life Every



    No Different

    Than When i Am

    A Weakest Child Before

    i Could Speak on the Autism
    Spectrum At Age 4… We aRe More

    Than Human We Are Our SPiRiTS
    Within We aRe ALL Our Ancestors

    From Stars to Amphibian Frogs Who

    Have Existed Hundreds of Millions of
    Years More Than Us And Billions More

    As Stars And
    Even Children

    Of Beyond
    We Cannot
    And Will Not
    Ever Be Able
    To Even Measure
    With the Science Tools
    We Create True Our Heritage

    Is As Deep as All That Exists and

    The Greatest Miracle of All Is if Any

    Of These Links Are Broken We Would

    Not Exist At All We aRE aLL Miracles Breathing Now
    With the Rest of Existence Revolving Around ‘God Nucleus’ More…:)

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  3. the roundabouts
    to special people
    can me
    could me
    in my grief
    in my distress
    never help

    i want the weight
    of the strange
    one’s own corrupt
    in me

    what me
    coming towards
    from the world
    I carry myself

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