Unplanned and unedited #3

to represent the train of thoughts

You don’t see what I see. One eye of mine doesn’t see the same as what the other does. One ear of mine don’t hear the same as what the other does, there is a difference at least in the decibels they perceive (I learnt this fact very recently and unlearnt many).
Not our fingerprint matches with anybody else on earth, neither our thoughts, behaviour and attitudes do.
You go through grief, hunger, exhaustion, experience, love, lust, lessons and sometimes similar emotions. Yes, there’s something we all have in common but no, why is a baby born without vision? What sin did the foetus in the womb commit for its sight to be stolen? Why is there an injustice right at birth? Why is the world unfair to the ones in the lower stand? Why are the poor getting poorer? They say pause a minute, take a deep breath and observe the surrounding. But heartaches and eyes cry every time we do this.
We thrive to survive, we struggle to make a living, we yearn to love and to be loved.
We are all same yet so different. Beauty lies in this difference, life is somewhere between this, we have no other go other than accepting and living ‘our’ life. Is ignorance really bliss?

I know this post is lame and superficial. If you observe each stanza there is a shift in the thoughts. I didn’t want to make an effort to alter it as the post is supposed to be unedited.

Thank you so much for reading! ❤


39 thoughts on “Unplanned and unedited #3

  1. Far from lame or superficial, dear Hema. This is so profound and empathetic, in your usual fashion. It is indeed terrible that God decides to punish certain people before even their life begins. But God knows best; Ofcourse. It’s all to do with past life Karmas or so they say. Who even knows that Karma is actually a thing or that you even lived a life before?

    Sorry, that is a bit unrelated.
    I always love your unplanned, unedited posts greatly…

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  2. Definitely not lame or superficial, my friend!! This is just incredibly well done. I always love your unplanned and unedited ones, it’s like a peek into your beautiful mind! Thank you for sharing this authentic piece of YOU 🖤🤗

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  3. I don’t have to change
    so that I can see
    like indivisible human dignity
    is trampled underfoot

    for me this is the basic idea
    for me the guide
    to work on it in my environment
    and test me daily
    where I’ve violated a person’s dignity

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      1. psst another text that deals with these issue’s is written by a friend of mine it’s Complex Society: In the Middle of the Middle World by Bojan Radej and Mojca Golobic… I’m on pgs 184-187 which I have been reading for, like, 3 months… more psst I love the posts and go for it and trust yourself to do so it’s brilliant… another dear friend Liz Riffle has been doing the same too…

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  4. Souls Dances Sings
    Deep With No Plans

    Yet Truth to Breathe

    Rhymes Never Plan
    What Wisdom Sees Deeper

    Melody HeART BREaTHES

    Empathy Compassion Releases

    SPiRiT oF Love

    Freer to


    Be Yes
    Flying Higher
    Feeling Sensing

    Life To Ever Live Again

    As Now Is All THeRE iS

    You Touch Existence Soul
    Deep Where Love Breathes And Bleeds


    For All
    With More
    Than Eyes
    And Ears to See

    All The Thorns All the Flowers

    All the Roses RiSinG HiGHeR LiGHT Out of DarK
    Other than That This Lovely Poem Hemalatha Set
    Your Soul Free NoW Nothing Left to Judge Just Be

    iS i Am NoW…

    All That’s Left THeNOW

    Eternally More LoVinG Free..:)

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