Somedays, sometimes.

someday words flow like a river, somedays i relearn alphabets to string verses somedays i close my eyes and re-visit memories, and write involuntarily.

somedays i feel like living, somedays i feel like thriving, somedays i don’t feel the existence, i look at the mirror and wonder about, how the acne marks heal slowly, like how the remnants of people are fading with easier and steadier pace.

somedays i look above, at the kites flying, at the birds heading back to home, at the clouds in motion, at sun and moon, an eternal lovers.

somedays, i feel me, i find solace in seeking myself, in me. and sometimes, that’s the best feeling i could ever experience, finding you, finding yourself.

//the pleasure in seeking joy – in oneself//

Don’t know what to call this as but I chose to post this. Thank you so much for reading! ❤️


12 thoughts on “Somedays, sometimes.

  1. Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
    Seasons Years Decades

    Lifetimes All These

    Words HaVE iN

    Common Really

    Is Experiencing Now
    Seasons and Weathers
    Within We May Master Most
    Then The Weather And Time
    And Even Matter, Distance, And

    Space Becomes Eternally Now How
    We Feel and Sense As We Become the
    River the Water Waves and Ocean Same

    No Separation All Is Flow Lord Knows There

    Is no Knowing Here Just Endless Forever Flow

    Dear Hemalatha Actually When Your Name Doesn’t

    Matter AnyMore When All the Labels and Categories

    of Dark and Light Disappear TWiLiGHT of Balance is

    Left Forever More now

    You Are the



    No Longer
    Any Part of
    Separation Now

    True The Acne Marks
    This Way Are Just Grains
    Of Sand On The Beach

    That Lift the Love of

    Your Life Up Just

    Balancing All that is…

    Basically Our Left Hemisphere
    of Mind Wants to Label All that is
    Concretely And Fixed And The Right
    Hemisphere of Mind Is Already Our Ocean my FRiEnD…

    Religions and Philosophies in India Tend to Support this
    Way of Being More Than the West Yet of Course as You
    May Realize the East is Becoming The West More Materially
    And Concretely Organized into Things Lost From the UniVerse Within…

    There is No
    Real Reason

    For Being

    Other than

    Being Unless

    Trapped in Idols
    Of Only Symbols
    For Essence of Loving Living my FRiEnD..

    Just Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love No NumBeRS

    Or Even Letters or Words Required Just Being Now i Am For Real…

    Generally Speaking Folks In India These Days Are Excelling in Computer
    Science, Engineering, Accounting and Other Business Degrees my FRiEnD

    Which are Precisely all Human Abstract Constructs That Have Little to Do

    With How the


    Being is

    Evolved to

    LiVE iN More
    of A Right Brain
    Dominated Way of Life

    in Balancing With Left Brain

    So Now Humanity is Truly
    Deviating Out of Balance And What

    The Result of that is, Is A Loss of Our Humanity
    At Best in Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual Intelligences
    to Give, Share, Care, Freely All ToGeTHeR NoW As our

    Ancestors Surely Practiced as a Way of Life And ‘The East’

    Still Does


    More Concrete
    Labeled Materially
    Reduced West Now…

    Where Basically Money
    And Stuff is the Material God of Humanity

    And The Real Treasures Within to Give
    Share And Care Freely Fade Away As You

    Dance and Sing in Free Verse Poetry in Flow Here..:)


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