Life, a road

When i lean on the couch, holding coffee in hand,
I think about the park chairs, my best companions.
about the forgotten smells of people,
about the forgotten smiles, about the forgotten warmth.

I don’t want them to fade away
like the tint of flowers in between the pages,
I want them to stay fresh, I want to feel them every moment,
I want to feel the warmth when I hold my own hands together,
I want to remember the smells and give names to them,
I want to measure the length of their smiles and compare it with mine,
And sometimes, I want to be the reason of their smile,
I want to capture those
candid moments in my eyes and save them for ever in my retina.

I tell this to maa, because I can’t keep the crazy thoughts in me,
she adds to her part,
‘life a road, you not just have two as Robert Frost said,
but many, may be infinite,
you don’t travel in all of them,
but you unknowingly leave footprints in every road you take,
And in every road of others,
Sometimes your presence is celebrated,
Sometimes your absence makes no difference,
Sometimes the memories shared with you are cherished,
Sometimes you are forgotten, with ease.
Sometimes you regret for the road you have taken,
Sometimes you feel proud for who you are,
Sometimes you are happy for all that you have left behind,
Sometimes you are excessively gratified for all the endeavors,
Sometimes you are filled with nothing but grief and guilt.
all you have remember through the entire journey is to live
as our life is a story in which we travel and crossfire with the rest of the universe.

As I listen to my maa’s stories and endless philosophies,
And I sip my last drip of coffee, I feel how metaphorical life is,
to much and how many it is silently compared to
our life is a poem, we are poets, accidental poets.

Hope you are doing good. I think I’m back from an unexpected break. Have a great weekend ❤️


12 thoughts on “Life, a road

  1. “our life is a poem, we are poets, accidental poets.” Wow! A powerful way to complete this wonderful poem! Such a masterpiece, as always. This one’s oozing wisdom. Made me think. Super thought provoking and evocative. Well done, my friend! 💖 Your words are always so potent and powerful.

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  2. SMiLes Life is A Meadow of Butterflies

    KNoWing WHere to Go By Not KNoWinG

    Anything At All

    Life iS A Desert

    With Succulent

    Cacti Absorbing
    Every Dew Drop

    Life Giving


    Until Next
    Dew Drop Comes
    To Save Their Green
    Thorny Leaves Protecting
    Them From Predators Still To come…

    Humans LiVE iN Deserts Staying THere
    Never Venturing As Butterflies in Meadows

    Free to Wing With Grass Green And Flowers

    Ever Coloring More Flight Within Beauty All

    Sublime to Be And See So Free in

    Abundance of Colors

    Green More

    Life Dancing
    Singing Freely
    Bees and Birds Same
    Yet Different Songs of Course

    And Dances of Wings and Furry
    Critters Climbing Earth’s Lungs Yes Trees!

    As A Butterfly i Am Going No WHere In Particular

    Just Fluttering ALL OVeR EVeRYWHeRE i Go NoW

    No Reasons Just Feeling Sensing All Next i Wing to See Be Now
    SMiLes Hemalatha When i Figure Out WHeRe i Am Going Next

    i Will

    BREaTHE NoW..:)


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