A note of hope

shall the seeds you sowed months back in the pot rise up rooting strong enough to the mud, shall the tiniest buds in the garden bloom to the brightest colours, shall the sunshine peep through the dark clouds after a week of heavy shower, shall you find time to admire your reflection in the puddles of water in the streets, shall you adore the floating fallen leaves with equilibrium in mind, shall you feel the fragrance of wet soil and brewing coffee, shall you tap feet in sync to the song played in the next door, shall you get the strength to cry when pain blocks your throat, shall you find peace here and there, shall you live all the moments of today and tomorrow.

Thank you so much for reading!


32 thoughts on “A note of hope

  1. SMiLes Dear Hemalatha
    HeART Is the Hand Yes


    Life Most
    And Usually
    Folks With Longer
    Index Fingers than
    Ring Fingers Have

    A Softer HeART Now
    Than Some Others

    Yet That’s Nature Now
    And Hehe Judging From
    This View of Your Hand
    You Seem to Have That
    Social Empathic Artistic
    And Yes Spiritual Power-Up

    Good News is Emotional And
    Sensory Intelligences Together

    May Be Gardened By Feeding Our
    Tree Of Love This Way to As Many

    Nurturing Colors As We Paint

    Our Way

    To Kindness

    And Warm Comfort my
    FRiEnD You Are Coloring
    Life This Way Wonderfully
    Keep Lighting Up Your Tree This Way..:)

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