Unplanned and unedited #5

How do unexpected things that happen bring about a lot of meaning to existence? Miniscule change has its purpose and we rather seek purpose for a lifetime, the difference it brings, the joy it gives, the lesson it teaches, the experience we gain can’t be enclosed and expressed in words. The loss and gain theory of life, the craziest way through which the Universe guides us, the actions and reactions of earth, the more we widen our perspectives, the more we understand the motives behind circumstances, the more we approve and accept transitions, transformations, life turns out to be more beautiful than expected.

Sometimes you had to let the conflicting thoughts flow, today was one such day. Thank you so much for reading!


8 thoughts on “Unplanned and unedited #5

  1. Ah Yes Dear Hemalatha The Ocean Seems to Have
    All the Lessons As Waves Hold Water Ocean Whole

    And Waves Do Create

    Shores That Both

    Expand And

    Recede As Waves
    Go Out and Come Back

    In As All Of Existence Seems

    To Move Free NoW in Vibrations And
    Frequencies And Waves Balancing This

    Way True Without the Space Between

    Notes in A Song Without The Silence

    No Real Melody and Rhythm

    To Experience

    And Play

    too My FRiEnD
    NiGHT Makes Day
    DarK Makes LiGHT

    So The Waves We Ride
    Marry The Night Merry the Day
    Rise and Fall ThiS WaY in Harmony

    Of Existence in Push and Pull Even
    Liberal and Conservative Personalities
    As Boats Require Sails to Explore Fair Winds
    And Following Seas And Anchors Keep Us Safe
    And Secure in Harbors This Way When Storms Erupt

    We Do Not Expect In General Yes DarK Give Rise to LiGHT
    SMiLes BeLieve BeLeaf BeLove Inhaling Peace ExhalinG Love Freely

    Living Trees Spreading Leaves Nourishing Trees And Soul Soils Forest Whole

    So Nice to Be Alive This Way Giving Sharing Caring Healing Lifting Ourselves Out of DarK…

    SMiLes Dancing Along The Emerald Green Gulf Coast Shores Mirroring Foot Prints Yesterday

    With FL Gulf Waves ThiS Way This Is What i Heard The Ocean Tale Me iN Loving Peace Free..:)


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