This week, I realised that random newspaper cuttings, going back to memories, to the first times, re-reading a favourite book, bringing shattered things together can make a bad mental health day better.
Posting this here would absolutely be an impulsive decision of mine which I shall regret later and might archive the post too. But at this moment it feels right and this is probably called validating feelings, I guess.


18 thoughts on “Memoir

  1. SMiLes Dear Hemalatha
    Surely Some Parts of Your Life
    Demand Strict Order And Conformity

    Yet Creativity

    Wears Wings of
    Free Association

    iMaGiNaTioN Springs

    And That’s Where the
    Real Magic Flows Deep
    Within Even Science Shows
    We More Open Our Right Hemisphere

    Processes of Mind Allowing Our Holistic Mind
    Now to Spring Green Wearing Wings Effortless

    in Ease

    i Use Meditative
    Moving in Free Dance
    to Bring this Ascending
    Transcending Flow of
    Deeper Human Creativity…

    Writing in Flow Works too…

    And In That Trance Short
    For Transcending the Mechanical
    More Left Hemisphere Part of Mind
    in Cognition i Will Drift Around Like A Feather
    Random in the Wind Yet Free With Intuition Deeper

    And Take
    Snaps of
    Book Covers
    in Barnes and Noble
    Book Store That End Up
    Telling A Deeper Story As
    This is What Our Minds Intuitively

    Do We Create Art Out of What Others
    May See As Chaos And This is WHere
    The Real Magic Happens and Original Creativity Births

    Be Free Flow Fly With Wings Enjoy the Master Peace Within
    in Flow And Surely A Master Piece of Art Will Arise From Deep

    So Free in
    Free Associating Ways..

    i For one Love This Sculpted
    Work of Soul You Bring With
    Art This Way i For One See
    it as Just Another Master Piece of Your Soul Set Free

    And Just to See You Capture it in a Photo Forever Now So Free to Be..:)

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