I fail for the upteenth time to write a poem that rhymes with love/ my hands do not know how to hold, they don’t share warmth rather pain/ my mouth do not speak of nicer sentences but words of remorse and grief/ my blood carry the fragility of longing, they clot in between and i lay stuck in past/ my stomach carry bits and pieces of cheesecakes that i hate the most/ today, i try to not name my new shawls after you/ i wish to not write your name in the last page of my happiness journal/ i order an extra scoop of ice cream with no second thought/ but, i fail to stay alive/ i fail to safekeep my paper thin heart/ i go back to the memories of parking lot and grocery stores every evening/ they say i haven’t changed a bit, i modify myself by thinking about you, i run away, keeping you closer than ever.
I try to rewrite our love story in paper, i burn them, the ashes are rusty red, old and tarnished/ i try to rewrite our love story in paper, i bury them in sand, the place mourns and drains in tears, that day i realised- ours was never a love story.

#napowrimo – day 01

Thank you so much for reading!


10 thoughts on “Fragility

  1. Empty Shells Yes True LoVE iN my
    Attempts When Lost From Love Then
    To Color Words of Soul With Essence

    More Than Shells For it’s True
    Even When We Have Love
    That’s True At Our Sides

    We May Have Fallen
    Away too Far to Fill
    A Feel Of Empty Shells

    In Words of Love

    That Touch

    Now More Than Shells
    On Beaches Separating
    Our Sea Creatures Within
    That Who Dances And Sings
    Love Back to Ocean Whole
    Warmth Lovely Poem Dear
    Hemalatha Keep EXPReSSinG

    A Song of
    Your Soul Dancing
    STill Breathing So Free
    Leaves of Living Trees Feeding
    Green Falling to Soils Birthing New Souls

    So Loving
    Real So Alive
    Be i Am So Free..:)

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  2. Beautiful expression of emotions…..a subtle and restrained expression specially of hurt . Beauty lies in never going overboard with the emotions and you excel in that.
    God bless you Hema🌹🙏🌹


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