picture from: let’sfreezethetime

everything is easy when you’re home,
the fake plants in the entrance-
smiles and wards off the plagues of pain,
builds new pattern of happiness,
the walls are of sweet phrases
not black soil and bricks,
they whisper hugs,
the photographs and rusted frames of
innocent smiles and linen clothes
reminds that good old days weren’t too far,
with the idli, sambar and an extra spoon of ghee,
maa proves that the way to heart is food anytime,
curtain curls around to share warmth,
home smells of the favourite city, favourite food,
and my favourite person.

after several summers and winters,
my home is full of longing, yearning
and talks in silence,
no voices gave life to it, even maa’s.

The first two days #napowrimo gave my burnout and I badly needed a break. I however came up with today, not upto my bench mark but at least worth posting. Thank you so much for reading and showering with nothing but heartwarming comments!

#napowrimo – day 04


8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Very well expressed👌🌹🌹👌homes are full of memories,everytime you go back the walls/ doors/ windows remind of the good or not so good times you spent there.
    God bless you 🙏🌹🙏


  2. Ah Yes Dear Hemalatha
    Industry of School

    Warmth of
    Home Now

    Some Days
    And Perhaps
    All Days Warmth
    And Industry May

    Not Intersect at All

    When School And Work
    Come Before Home And For Some

    A Third Place
    of Moving
    Co-Creating is
    Required to Even

    Land in A Place of Warmth
    SMiLes Welcome to A Third Place..:)


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