Love language

There are some days,
when i go inexpressive,
unemotional, unreadable,
on those days, silence,
becomes our love language,
stillness spreads around us,
like shadow, its umbra,
in heart shape.

There are some days,
when i grow dull, forlorn
pale, prosaic, wretched,
on those days, eyes
become our love language,
his eyes filled with language
of passion, adoration
that’s strong enough to
melt the moon.

There are some days
when i get lost,
dissociate from reality,
on those days, reminiscence
becomes our love language,
healing from the past
happens together with him,
hugs like the lost inner child.

We do not exchange love
in our mother tongue because
in my country, language
draws invisible boundaries,
opaquely separates people,
we love in touch, caress,
we love in every non-verbal
language possible.

#napowrimo – day 11


15 thoughts on “Love language

  1. And the tongue said to the mouth,
    I quit, I resign,
    And laugh did the mouth with the biggest of smiles, saying,
    go on bugger off, have a break and take your time,
    for we are better for your absence,
    let the eye see what the heart feels,
    let ear feel the thudding beat in my chest,
    let the soft of my finger tips do the talking for you,
    Go On Take Off, if you must,
    leave the tasting to imagination,
    so sweet so sublime,
    without a word, insight…

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  2. So True Dear Hemalatha

    How Language Connects

    Yet Draws So Many Boundaries
    So Many Layers of Clothing That Separate

    Humans So Deep too When Form Becomes

    Idol Over Essence

    Warm And True Yes

    As Touch of Love Becomes
    Sunshine Within to Rainbows

    Coloring Love More Than Words
    Will Ever

    And Sing
    WiTH SMiLes So Free..:)

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