Unplanned and unedited #6

I sat idle clutching the handle of my coffee mug with tea in it. I recalled the last time I had a beverage without the company of a gadget, laptop – bookmarking pages, or phone – scrolling through short videos. The last time is unknown.

This evening. I sat clutching the coffee mug with tea in it and listened to dad secretly humming to Alka Yagnik’s classics, children’s finding joy in confusing screams, the sounds of cute pups playing a little harsh, and noises of vehicles. fast and furious.
And sounds that surrounded.

The significance of unmoving. The hidden meaning in suspended thoughts. The pleasure in the chaos. The art of believing. The pain in acceptance.

My therapist once said I had fears of missing out. This evening, I realised what and how much I am missing out. A pause in between and what a change?

//of reflective evenings and dimmed light//

Documenting the stream of consciousness in my little corner of the internet.


11 thoughts on “Unplanned and unedited #6

  1. Well written. We all should practice the art of doing nothing. Just be in the moment and listen to sounds around us. Can be extremely difficult for beginners.


  2. Ah Yes Dear Hemalatha A Soul Silence
    BreaK Away From the ‘Crack Cocaine’

    Of Electronic Devices That Stimulate

    Never Ending Streams of Dopamine

    That Lack the Friction of what

    it Takes to Create Deep

    Down From our

    Ocean of Soul
    Connecting to the
    Natural Word of Humanity
    Most And The Rest of What
    May Be Nature Green And Blue And CoLoRinG More

    Soul RiSinG Deep WiTHiN Dancing Singing Free Again

    Hehe Dear Hemalatha my Electronic Devices Are only

    Fancy Note TaKinG Devices Recording Sounds Sights
    Deeper Feelings Senses


    the Dance
    And SonG
    oF mY SoUL

    Heaven to Words
    Along With Hell And the
    Tween From the DarK of Past

    And Now if DarK Comes Back
    to Play With LiGHT AGaiN

    Nature Evolving Yes
    To Fight DarK NoW
    iNTo LiGHT Yes Oh


    Take Away the Real
    Struggle Now New Take
    Away The LiGHT iNDeed
    With SMiLes Inhaling Peace
    ExhalinG Love Again iN Balance of Humanity And
    Rest of Nature DarK Through LiGHT For Real mY FRiEnD..:)


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