I realized that I can be both. The best hater and best lover. That day I realised this is the day, I traced back to places, the deserted ones, and found remnants of old love, residues of hate in a few others. My soul seeks revenge. My body suffered, and my throat survived all the angst of holding back tears, because I let a tear roll down, to only regret in the future. Who deserves what?
I breathe fast, I inhale air, and exhale smoke. I’m good at revenge, you know that and so as good in rage, SIGH. After spending a lifetime finding out if people live life the way I do, the day I realized there are none. That night I slept without sobbing in silence, I was glad. I was glad that I was not alone in this. It’s just that we are experts in the act of concealing, hiding, in burying emotions. Sadly, we are graveyards that breathe and are so alive.
Revenge, rage – my home, I AM MY HOME. We forget to love, hope, god but I forget pain for it to knock on my door every day to greet me, leaving no void anywhere here. People ask the reason behind being sad, do you even need a reason to be sad?


4 thoughts on “Graveyards

  1. Wow what a powerfully written piece, dear friend. The emotion and personal touch behind each line is palpable, really well done. I missed you and reading your lovely work!! Hope you’re doing well πŸ€πŸ€—πŸ€πŸ€—


  2. Finding How DarK NoW Our Shadows
    May Arise Falling is Surely Feelings And
    SenSinGS For Concern Dear Hemalatha

    Yet Becoming Closer FRiEnDS in Touch
    With Our Shadows May Greater Integrate

    Our Shadows With the LiGHT oF Us

    Creating Deeper Paintings With

    Shades of Colors Within to

    See Deeper Into the Soul

    Truths in DarK And LiGHT

    Of Others too Nurturing More
    Patience For All the DarK NoW
    And LiGHT Our Human Conditions

    Bring Dance
    Sing Free too

    Ridding Our Clothes
    of Darkness Putting
    Beyond Rainbow Colors
    On to Replace The Shadows
    From Before Yet Still Realizing
    They Are Our Shadows Potentially

    Returning no Matter
    Sunshine Above

    Below With SMiLes..:)


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