Life latety #1

the struggle to shut down voices from the back of the head/ forgiveness coming with struggle/ drowning in the dread of guilt, of all feelings, of ache, pain, grief/ sad songs makes more sense/ doubts and donuts in hands/ on the edge of the cliff – not for the first time/ solace becoming an addiction/ tracing beyond memories/ peacemaking with self/ going to back to old homes, old loves/ the extra pillows in bed, the extra decoction of tea, the little extras of longing, yearning and waiting/holding the last string of hope to see you soon/surviving.

~ H


12 thoughts on “Life latety #1

  1. DarK iS LiGHT

    How Mysterious Life
    Breathes Dear Hemaltha

    For in the Precipice of
    Heaven in Hell Where

    Pain Meets Numb

    We May Come New Now
    To Find We aRe Most
    ALiVE And Creative

    Just Striving to Breathe
    One More Breath of SMiLes

    To Return Again True Greatest

    Lights Come Out of Greatest Darks

    Key is


    The DarK Soils
    of Frozen Winter

    That Spring Most
    Green Living Trees Breathing

    Holding Forest Hands More to Thrive

    So Fully Alive Treasuring Every Breath Out of DarK..:)


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