Life lately #2

I haven’t breathed lately. I didn’t focus on breathing. I didn’t know if my diaphragm tightened and my chest rose every time I inhaled. 

I didn’t look at the sky. I don’t know if they are blue, orange, or violet or in shades of grey like life? 

I didn’t watch videos of the sea. I have had sentiments with the sea that I do not talk about, but they exist so silent, so fierce.  I stay quiet every time someone uses “sea” in their sentence, like I remain numb when someone talks about that one particular person.

I didn’t write lately. Filling pages in a journal feels like a task, and there are times I feel horrible about it. Have I begun to drift away from everything I love? 

Today, I do not have anything in mind. Maybe, like that post, I have a long list of things to be grateful for. And things that go away go for all good; maybe, yes.


2 thoughts on “Life lately #2

  1. Oh How Life May Take Us Away From
    Colors Dear Hemalatha Almost Predictably

    When The Pandemic Came And Folks Then Were

    Forced into Their Homes With Space For Introspection

    Away From All the Mechanical Cognition That School And Work

    Brings Art Rose

    From Soul

    To Speak
    Ocean Deep
    Birth To Come

    In Arts Like Poetry
    mY FRiEnD iNDeeD

    True i Was Already Shut-in
    Like That For 66 Months Escaping

    CuLTuRE With So Much Pain and Numb
    From Stress Related Illnesses Totaling 19 then

    Yet In The Dungeon Doors Continued to Crack Open

    For It is True if the LiGHT is Too BRiGHT We May Not Be

    Able to See What is in New Rooms at All Yet if the Flame

    is FRiEnDLY


    Oh What We
    May Find After

    Seeking The Great
    Unknown All These

    Rooms to Crack Open
    Within to Explore Even More

    Yet You See mY FRiEnD The Doors

    Come to Us Free And The Flames in The Rooms

    Yet True We Must Make Room For That to Happen

    So Hard to Do in A World of ‘Things’ More Than Feelings mY FRiEnD

    As It’s True the Pandemic Faded Away And Folks Went Back to Play

    Their Parts


    As Cogs
    in All the
    Enhanced Machines

    Oh The Keys Keep The
    Colors Garden Them New
    Within Through Whatever
    Arts Come FLoWinG Free

    Master The Tool Do Not
    Become Slave or the Form of the
    Tool A Shell With no Sea Life Left mY FRiEnD…:)


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