When I was 8,I thought death is cruel fate and is a punishment to the sinners.The cadaver is buried or burnt to not leave any traces of the misdeeds, my grandparents say. And after years, I realized,death is a peaceful end to life, a fullstop to existence, no commas, no continuations,humans are mortal and not […]

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She applies truckload of makeup,glittering saree,darker shade of blood red lipstick.She bleeds inside and outside. In the dark,she stands, in the tollgates and bus terminus inviting the unknown guests. Her genitals screams every night,screamed in pain, disgust and agony.The society which call her the epitome of impurity, a coquette and a slut,has no name to […]



A bunch of flowers indicating her fragility, as bomb and petal,an old fashioned radio to let her know, how classic she is.A basket of fruits-she’s sweet, and sour sometimes, lastly,scented candles, to voice that she’s my sparkle who takes away darkness in me. Will this set-up impress her? This post is in response to Sadje’s […]


And everything in between…

Our wavelengths hardly match,Our thoughts rarely sync,We seldom wear matching outfits,We don’t go for coffee dates, candle light dinners, chew over future,Kiss in public, exchange expensive gifts. We talk about the empty chairs in the park,nocturnal birds like us, starlight, full moon,thorns in rose plant, nostalgia and Heartbreaks.We share priceless secrets, bitter life experience,and harsh […]

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A Pause.

Okay, I’ve a thousand wishes. Few fulfilled and few not. I’ve one particular wish that’s utterly ridiculous. It’s kinda special that it flashes at least once in a day when I lay exhausted. I wish ‘Time stone’ existed. Imagine calm ocean waters without gigantic waves, highways caught up in huge traffic but no horns blaring […]

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Lifelong Beginning

It was our first date,I wore a red overcoatand black stockings.There, he is! on the seventh table,Seven is my lucky number,I said to myself. As I walked towards him,I began recalling the pick-up lines,I googled.How should I begin?Hi (or) Hello?My mind was caught up in the maze of questions. Hey Hazira! He saidMy cheeks turned […]

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Take me to the graffiti exhibition, she said. Get me Spaghetti, he replied. “Fullfil each other’s desires”, their marriage goal. This post is in response to Bulbul’s Twenty Word Tuesday Prompt – Spaghetti. Graffiti was the first word that came to mind after seeing the prompt. I don’t wanna miss posting this, so I did […]

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A beautiful scene

The great sun too,goes down,as he departs,the blue ethereal sky,turns blacky and starry,strongly reminding that,Heartbreakers were onceUNFAMILIAR FACES. Do you see what I see?The triumphant blue watersgleam with reflection of colours,making me crave for a transparent soul.The triangle love between, The sky, a sea; the sunis a sinking ship,that floats effortlessly. I rest at the […]

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Need a company?The cozy chair in the balcony is empty.There’s a tapestry of starsto be gazed at.They savour the sempiternal solitude by,twinkling alone admist the crowd. I hear the murmured secrets, I’m all ears, stars whisper.Their shine fondle the heartsthat are withered as rose.Under the canopy of clouds,humans get lost and rediscover themselves. The cosmic […]

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If I’m given a chance,I would get back to my childhood,to talk with my soft toys rather than people, though neither responds. If I’m given a chance,I would get back to my childhood,to cherish the carefree days,problem free weeks and enthusiastic years. If I’m given a chance,I would get back to my childhoodwhere fights lasted […]

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