An year of blogging

It feels like I started this Blog just few days back see, it’s been a year. This was a perfect place for me to learn things, implement what I learn, meet new people from places I had never been to and develop me in all aspects. I never knew that my words would deeply resonate […]

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Endless wishes of a blind girl

Roses are remarked as the flower of love. Each of its colour is associated with different emotions and feelings. Everytime I try to touch and feel the soft petals, thorns in its stalk hurt my fingers, I wish to see the flower, see how the thorns protect the petals, touch and immerse in its fragrance […]

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If flowers on the grave could speak:

Every year on the death anniversary,comes a group of people,with bouquets, flowers in their hands,in the name rememberanceand reminisce,they stay a few minutes,leaves even before the candles melts. White flowers turn yellow,jasmine loses all of its fragrance,roses dries and dies,as the weather shiftswe wither as the dead one fades in photographs and in memories,but we […]

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A tiny letter to my Son

Dear Sunshine, I hope your mind and heart are fine, it isn’t a stone or a rock as men and the world pretend it to be, it’s made of flesh, blood, tissues and valves like every other human, I know it bleeds but heal it. You can cry when you feel like, you don’t have […]

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Writing was never my homeuntil I hid my love in lines,sorrows in sentences,vulnerability in verses,end of my pen turn nothingness to wholeness. I write about places I haven’t been to,I write about feelings I never wish to experience,I write about things that doesn’t exists,I give life to lifeless objects. Writing be my door to exit […]

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Circles and life

We look for corners to hide ourselves from the world,certainly, life is a circle and has no such places,like a race, we run for food and water,money and wealth,rapt in vicious cycles,we pass on days. Everything here,pulsates and come back to us,there’s always something that comes from nowhere to complete the breaks in the cycle […]

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Illusion #25

This moment feels like,I’m locked in a vacant hallwhose walls have polished mirrors etched,the reflections it produce spooks.I tried to get rid of itas they explicate the beautifully harmful illusionsI unknowingly nurtured,I had been lacking cognizance,been engrossed in delusion. The visual images brain interpretedwere wrong,it was too narrow to look on positivesand overlook negatives.Happiness is/was […]

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Eyes #24

You hate your eyes,I’ve got million reasons to love it,it’s an endless ocean of a passionate lover,I drown deep and deep,it holds so much compassion and love,your eyes smile at me and fill my soul with hope,it holds galaxies and constellations,they embroider my cracked heart with threads of kindness,your world is dark of course,you brighten […]

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Black #23

I believe if humanscould be categorised to colours,I would be black.That black requiredfor all the colours to exists and have depth. I’d be that rebellious old soul,representing both positive and negativein equal proportions.I’d be black that don’t produce emptiness,rather helps one to bloom from darkness. I’d evoke strong emotions,differentiateday and night,good and evil. Some would […]

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Distance #22

I’ll pass on the highwaysplaying our favourite album,I’ll read all of John Green’s novels twice,as we planned to read them together,I’ll make brownies and add extra oats toppings,I’ll look at the moon and share my secrets,she’ll convey it to your end,stars and moons in the same tapestryare miles apart, yet they survive and complete the […]

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