An Internal Affair

I always wanted someone to love me as they would love a poem,that’s written right from heart, the heart that pounds when eyes meet, the heart that weighs pounds, carrying sorrow and sadness.You know how hard it is to write poems? Poems,about life that is like a broken bridge,about birth that always has ends,about the […]


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Ode to Madras

Kolams beautifying the roads, houses filled with the fragrance of agarbattis and voices of Suphrabatham are blissful morning says, my Dad.The chaotic commutations in trains and buses, the tart mango, guava sold with salt and chilli leaving us with watered mouths, busy roads with glaring horns and quarrels, full-meals in hotels and an extra cup […]

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Mistakes #6WSP

Ma’am, she just makes silly mistakes. That’s a story of myself. I was a bright kid back then (even now :p). But I make a lot and lots of silly errors in exams. My mom was always worried about this so, she frequently asks my class teacher if I lacked concentration and the teacher used […]

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Things that instil hope in my heart

Things that instil hope in my heart: 1) Restoration videos. YouTube is known for its strange and stranger recommendation of random videos. When I lay hopeless, appears the videos in which abandoned, rusted, neglected objected are refurbished. If gadgets/ articles/ devices can/are conditioned, my heart that’s crippled can be mended, right? 2) Park. When I […]

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