In the pockets of old denim, in the edges of monthly calendar, in the corner hugging the bedposts, in the seashells from favourite beach, in the dry roses preserved in metal box, in the letters hidden in almirahs, in the blurred pictures, in the highlighted lines of go-to author’s book, in the chocolate wrappers in […]

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Unplanned and unedited #5

How do unexpected things that happen bring about a lot of meaning to existence? Miniscule change has its purpose and we rather seek purpose for a lifetime, the difference it brings, the joy it gives, the lesson it teaches, the experience we gain can’t be enclosed and expressed in words. The loss and gain theory […]

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My incomplete poems are numerous questions to god asking him the reasons for the prejudice at birth and unfair deaths,My incomplete poems are answers to the people offering unsolicited advice like – take a plastic surgery to get rid of your scar,My incomplete poems are a moment of silence to souls seeking salvation without appreciating […]

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A poem

I wish to write a poem on love,that dances to the soft acoustics,that sings along the classic songs,that builds kinship not wrecks and settles in cold water, like titanic.I wish to write a poem on love.that is free of desperation and longings,that does not wait for the time to bloombut bears new buds every minute,that […]

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I don’t think i ever had a heartbreak,but there were moments when i cried like a madwoman after finding that one line in a sad song so relatable,there were moments where i saw my dreams moving away to a distance that i can’t even see its presence anymore, they were shadowed by disappointments and misfortunes,there […]

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The need

We need someone to just sit with and talk about stars and skies/ constellations and celestial bodies/ suffocating hearts and minds/ withered leaves and dried bougainville/ hurricanes and drought/ tea leaves and decoction/ darkness and serial light/ smell of henna and last summer/ taxis and busy roads/ art galleries and museums/ hot chocolate and peanut […]

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Their hands intertwinedhearts allied, destiny and fate,smirked at a distance. I had been reading Nicolas Sparks words and this haiku eventually happened. Thank you so much for reading!

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so the next time

so the next time when love knocks your door,say that you lost its keys long, long agoand you are searching, still searching,whisper word by word in love’s ears, because she’s partially deaf. ask her to wait with little patienceandinitiate a conversation,ask why she comes, gives and goes,ask why her life expectancy is short, so short,ask […]

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This november was draped withdampened, drenched roads,cold winds, incessant showers,brewed perfect coffee, frozen tiles,quite absence and grey evenings. This november had short sunshines,the lack of warmth by sun outshone my yearn for someone’s presence,i sought comfort in diyas, in scented candles, in moon, the crescent stringed my soul swinging in eternal solitude. This november made […]

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A note of hope

shall the seeds you sowed months back in the pot rise up rooting strong enough to the mud, shall the tiniest buds in the garden bloom to the brightest colours, shall the sunshine peep through the dark clouds after a week of heavy shower, shall you find time to admire your reflection in the puddles […]

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