Noble gas #10

I’m just another person,who spends most of the time inS-O-L-I-T-U-D-E,those who promised to stay long,for an eternity, left first.I’m need of a break, from the world,that broke me from inside,I look at the mirrorandask questions that has no answersorquestions nobody could answer,my naked eyes couldn’t see the masksthey, carried.In each phase, they revealed a face,with […]

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dreams #9

Can I take a picture of my dreams?It is a kaleidoscope whose reflecting surfacesreflects my thoughts and things I secretly wish for,from sleeping on cloud to fixing my broken relationship,I dream of everything,mostly of things I couldn’t fulfill ever,but it fills the void in me,to some it’s right, to some it’s wrong,to some it’s dark, […]

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A letter #7

I found a piece of paper in my parent’s almirah,mom and dad are known for their letter and greeting card collection,this one was unusual cuz, it was an envelope dated, 02 October, 1994;and it also had “to address’ in it. I opened the unsent letter with huge excitement,I was astonished by the very first line,that […]

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Gaze #6

it was her eyes, I fell in love with,warm as sunshine and blankets,that speaks melancholic winter,serene spring and arrestive autumn,it’s the thesis, no one can understand,they’re deep as ocean in which I drown and drown,it holds truth and innocence,when she cries,the tears roll down her cheeks as melted gold,that no one could hold,when I’m lost, […]

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We are humans #5

we are humans,we are daughters of smoke and bone;sons of thorns and spines,we lit each other with light of jealousyand seek enlightenment with enormous amount of secret wishes in heart,we test each other’s patience,and say, “people are impatient”,we trade everything- love, dreams and what not?we change instantly, competing the speed of light.we are humans,we waterlog […]

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Letting go my company #4

this feeling is something that my words can’t describe,but I hide them in between every phrases and sentences,you make my pity heart carry loads of unknown pain,it beats fast and faster, overworking most of the are like an anchor,who holds me tight from moving or you keep dragging me down and downwhat falls along […]

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Lost keys #2

emptiness and voidseems calm, quite and as absolute peace from outside;deep within lies the demons of mind,that produce screaming, screeching, shriekingthoughts,reminding me of things, I wish to forget.teach my heart how to accept my mind or teach me ways to control my mind and it’s fragmented views, that opaques my vision. my life isn’t all […]

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Memories #1

the wind chimes in the balcony,remind me of the cold breeze that swept through our faces,the sound they make remind me of the silly talks and mean laughs,the trees in the park remind me of how we hide ourselves in the shades of it’s shadow, making promises for our relationship to last long and longer,not […]

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