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This is gonna be a Longgg post!


The Liebster Award is an online award given by bloggers to bloggers and has been around since 2011. This is a recognition of their contribution to the blogging community. It is simply passed on and its goal is to promote and support fellow bloggers. Not only is this a great way to give fellow bloggers some recognition, but it is motivational as well.

In German, Liebster means sweetest, kindest, nicest, and so on. You get the point. It is a great initiative for supporting and showcasing new blogs.

1. Thanks the blogger who has nominated you and provide the link of their blog.
2. Answer the 11 question given to you.
3. Nominate 11 other blogger.
4. Ask your nominees 11 question.
5. Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post.

Nivitha Sri (fairywitch), a friend and a sister who never fails to support me. Her blogs cover wide range of topics. She posts recipes of delicious dishes, worthful life advices and must needed self care tips. Do visit her blog for more.

1.When and why did you start blogging?

In May 2020, just to spend time productively!

2. Whom do you like the most in this world?


3. How do you motivate yourself during your tough times?

Listen to good music or ring up to friends and confuse them😅

4. What is your favourite colour


5. What is your first ambition?

I remember telling that I wanted to be a Doctor when I was young.

6. Name any three friends of your life?

Don’t wanna name them! Things are never permanent in Life.

7. What is your hobby?

Reading, writing, listening to music.

8. Which is your favourite quote?

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players
~ William Shakespeare

9. Describe you in a word.


10. Which is your favourite movie.

I like so many, don’t have a favourite one.

Dakshali, She writes poems that will leave you amused. Their words are so deep and they always convey strong messages. Do visit her blog.


Arati, She conveys her beautiful thoughts with beautiful sketches. Her words are powerful and soothing. Do check out her blog for mesmerising poems.

1.Introvert or Extrovert? Reason

Mixture of both or somewhere in between. I never mind to speak up when I’m supposed to and I remain quite and switch to be an observer when I’m not supposed to get involved in the situation.

2. Which is your favourite movie and why?

Don’t have a single answer to this.

3. When is your birthday?

October 2.

4. Who are your favourite bloggers?

Everyone I met are amazing people. They are unique in their own ways and it would be unfair to name a few of them.

5. Describe yourself in 5 words.

A selfless and selfish girl.

6. What’s your ambition?

To be a Psychologist.

7. What’s special about the country you live in?

India, known for it’s diversity and culture.

8. Favourite destination outside your country?

Greece and Venice.

9. Best advice by your best friend?

Hema, you can do it.

10. Your best way of passing time?

Reading, eating and doodling.

11. Tell one of your good memory.

Being appreciated for something good I did…

Ashiq(Top Tamil Talk), he blogs about current affairs in India and has also started to blog about the traditional recipes of Tamil Nadu. Do visit his blog.

1. What is is the favourite blog that you have written so far? (Post a link to it so that we can read)

Last post I published is my favourite. Here is the link for it:

2. If you were given one specific food item for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Ashiq, hope you guessed my answer. Dosa❤️ coz it’s never boring.

3. What is your favourite book and why?

To be honest, I don’t read a lot of books. The Fault In Our Stars is my favourite, I love the plotline of it.

4. If you had all the money in the world, where would you travel?

Travel all over the World.

5. What would you change if you had the chance to time travel?

I won’t make any changes. Changing the past and predicting the future is not my cup of tea.

6. What is your favourite meme/joke?

I love memes😂😂 Here is one favourite:

7. Which one do you prefer: Movies or books? Why?

Books, although I read very few of them, books deliver the messages more effectively than movies.

8. What motivates you to get out of the bed in the morning?

I’ve few people who wishes Good Morning everyday I’ve to reply them, nothing more.

9. What is the strangest memory that you have from your childhood times?

I remember falling down every time I climb up a particular stairs at school!😂

10. What is your favourite quote?

What you seek is seeking you
~ Rumi

11. What are your interests/career choices other than what you blog about?

I aspire to be a Psychologist and a Philanthropist ( I never said this to anyone only people reading this will know )

Jofina, she is another sweet friend of mine. We share a lot of similarities. I’m a fan of her doodles. Do check out her amazing works.

1. What special talent do you have?

I can make pretty good assumptions on people. Also, my intuitions are so strong that they usually come true.

2. When did you start blogging?

Made my first post on May 5 2020.

3. One thing you learn from Blogging.

So much, I first came to know that I can write and there exists people who read my works.

4. What is your profession?

I’m a Student.

5. What are you thankful for?

Everything I have.

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A young adult who is still curious to explore and understand the World around her.

7. One of your favourite quote?

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.
~ Mark Twain

8. Something new you wanna try?

Scuba diving, hiking, water-rafting and so many.

9. What’s the thing you like most about yourself?

I try to see good in everything and everyone.

10. What 3 words describe you the best?

Quirky, Compassionate, Honest.

11. One of your favourite film and why?

I have a lot many.

Rejoy, he’s probably the most studious and smart guy I met on WordPress. His scientific comments will leave you amused. Do check out his great contents on his Blog.

1. What does being alive mean to you?

Being able to breathe.

2. How did you come out of the most difficult phase in your life.

Didn’t face such a difficult face in Life yet.

3. Which song can you listen to for a million times on loop?

I don’t listen a song in loop! Maybe, Ed Sheeran’s Perfect.

4. Where do you want to live if you were given a chance to live just anywhere?

A mansion in Greece.

5. What was your favourite subject at school and why?

It was Biology, to me, it was a little easier subject compared to the rest. Isn’t it interesting to learn about the creations around us?

6. What is the biggest lie that you say yourself?

That everything I’ve is Best.

7. How do you wake up every morning?

By opening eyes!! I didn’t get the question Joy😅

8. What is your view regarding World War III?

It lies in the decision of certain countries. But the Earth isn’t ready to face one.

9. Who is the most important person in your life, apart from your parents and grandparents?

Definitely, Friends.

10. Which animal do you love the most

I never had a pet… I like dogs but extremely scared of them!

11. What is the most productive thing you do in your leisure?

I read random articles on various sites


1. Saanvidhingra 14- Through my eyes

2. Sonali- Stardust spells

3. Chetna- curiotivity

4. Priya- Cozy quite corner

5. Nehal- Books and words

6. Vishal Mishra- A mind full of illusions

7. Merabjoan- All things Merab

8. Dulcy Singh- Stories

9. Olivia- Olivia Lucy Blake

10. Jahnavi- Free mind

11. Jessepfrancis- Far Far Away

Please choose any 11 questions of your choice out of these.
I’m looking forward to read your answers!

Yes… Deleted this post thrice and this is the fourth effort to compose one!😅

Happy Blogging!!!

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6 Word Story #3

Hello Wonderfolks!🖤

Hope you all are doing good.

This post is in response to Shweta’s Six Word Story Prompt ~ Rain

1. Rainbows are imperfect, so are humans.

2. Atlast, rain dampened her bruised heart.

3. She showered endless love like Rain.

Do share your thoughts about this in the comment section below.

Thank you so much for reading.😊

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Why did this topic suddenly pop-up? How should I start? Why am I always writing about myself?

“I don’t know” is the common answer.

Okay, let me introduce all of you to my sibling, no not a sibling, yes, sibling (little confused).

The scar on my left arm is just 6 months younger than my brother.

Since the age of 5, we had been facing numerous questions, queries and inquiries together.

Yes, it rarely fails to grab attention from people. Everybody I meet in person never fail to raise questions about it.

When I was young, everytime I’m asked about it, I look at my mom and she narrates the incident to the questioner. As I grew up older, I began to answer all their dumb questions.

A couple of years back, a NEET aspirant asked:

” Hema, does it pain? ”

( Mind says: Dear Society, be ready to welcome a Doctor who lacks common sense.)

The one who pretends to be so caring suggests a:

” Plastic surgery ”

(Mind says: Would you please mind your bullshit business? My parents and doctors are more concerned about me than you babe…)

Most idiotic people ask :

“Were you a naughty kid?”

(Mind says: Excuse me, why do you ask me this? Do you think only naughty kids face such injuries?

My answer is a big NO!)

Some people give a sympathetic look as though I’m in a pathetic situation.

(Mind says: Hello, don’t dare to look at me in the same way you did now. It’s fucking disgusting!)

Last but never least:

People start giving me advices to not worry about it and blah! blah! blah!

(Mind says: Can you please stop your dumbass advices for a minute? Wait, did I seek advices from you?! )

Oh, I missed to address my readers!!

Hello Wonderfolks!🖤

Hope you all are doing good

I’m sorry for being so rude. But trust me, I never give such aggressive answers to anyone. Offending people around me affects me badly ( I don’t know, why?).

Several times I asked myself, ‘WHY ME ?’ It was initially difficult to face people and their questions as I grew up, I realized that people would never stop questioning and I can either escape from them.

It took several years to understand that this scar is a part of me and I have to accept it.

John Green rightly said, “Marks that humans leave are too often scars”. I believe that these scars are never more painful than the pain people cause. I know my scar can be vanished with a surgery without leaving a trace of it. But the memories and experiences that I had with it will live with me forever.

Everyone has scars we just don’t wear all of them on the outside.

~ Unknown

I began to embrace scars, that are both inside and outside. Believe that you are a STAR and you are BEAUTIFUL!

Leave your thoughts about this in your comment section below.

Thank you so much for reading! 😊

See you later ~ Wonderfolks 🖤

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6 Word Story #1

Hello Wonderfolks!🖤

Hope you all are doing good!

This post is in response to Shweta’s

Six word story prompt ~ Time

1. She, Time travelled to Love herself.

2. Screamed: Tell me how Time heals.

3. Later realized, that she wasted Time.

This is my first attempt to write for a Prompt. Don’t hesitate to leave your comments on it below.

Thank you so much for reading 😊

See you later ~ Wonderfolks🖤

🖤❤For the 100!❤🖤

Hello Wonderfolks!🖤

Hope you all are doing good…

I’m up with a Happy, Happy news!!!

Our blog has hit a 100 Followers!!!

The progress was definitely not steady. My posts were inconsistent. I kept publishing posts on a random day and never had a fixed blogging schedule.

I’ve a messy mind that keeps musing about random contemplations. It sometimes goes blank when I sit with a notebook and pencil to write.

It took 58 days to reach first fifty followers ( Hehe, alliteration again😂 ) and just 18 days to get another fifty. I really don’t know the way to analyze this progress…😅

I’m not a big fan of Romantic Dialogues but let me try to write one that’s inspired from “Finding Nemo” :

In the Ocean of WordPress; each and every follower is my Nemo❤

I always love making new friends and I met wonderful people here. It’s fun to find people who are unique in their own way.

I thank all my Wonderfolks (my readers) for reading what I write. Your appreciation is the one that
always keeps me going.

❤ You guys are my World! ❤

I find happiness in everything little things and yes, I wanted to share this to all of you too.

Thank you so much for reading!😊

See you later ~ Wonderfolks🖤

Liebstar Award #2

Hello Wonderfolks 🖤

Hope you all are doing good!

Thank you so much blogs by J for the nomination. I’m a big fan of her writings. She writes about everything; friendship, life and what not.

( ) ~ This is my favourite post of hers.

Don’t miss to visit her blog: 



1. Thank the person that nominated you and put a link to their blog.
2. Answer the questions given to you. 
3. Nominate 2-6 bloggers and notify them of their nomination.
4.Create 11 new questions, or use the same ones below.

My Answers:

1. How will you describe your blogging journey in 3 words?

Interesting, exciting and steady.

2. What do you love the most about Blogging?

I have a place to share my thoughts and make new friends.

3. How long does it take you to compose a post?

It usually ranges from 2-3 hours.I type and edit really slow!😅

4. Imagine visiting your 7-10 year old self, what would be his/her advice or message to your current self?

Talk less and observe the world around you.

5. What is the one thing that you learned during this time of quarantine?

I learnt that we have to accept things even when they go worse.

6. Coffee or Tea?

Coffee/ tea, preferably both

7. What are the 3 things that you are grateful for today?

Family, Friends and God.

8. When you are feeling down, what do you do to cheer up yourself?

I go hunt for food in the kitchen (or) I listen to Soulful Music.

9. What’s one habit you have to break and why?

I regret over everything and over worth people.

10. What is your dream destination?

Greece! I really don’t know why! But I wish to visit the country atleast once.

11. What language would you like to learn?

I’m trying to learn it! Hope I succeed😅

My Nominees:




I pass on the same questions to my Nominees.

Happy Blogging!!!

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A Letter

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Hope you all are doing good!

I have been considering to write this for so long. My brain was in a dormant state for literally past 20 days. I couldn’t make any clear writings and that’s why there’s a long gap between the last post and this.
It was my friend who suggested me to write about something that I’m obsessed with. And this is a short story behind this Letter.

P.S: I hope this letter is not called the one breaking the Societal Stereotypes because I consider that it’s the Liberty that one posseses to write about his/her crush publicly.

Dear Crush,

I know you’re fine and cared a lot. I am sure you’ll never get to see this or read this letter.

The thoughts that I have about you will never diminish even if I find my real man.

There stands the moon who is surrounded by millions of stars and I’m one among them who winks at you, my moon. You are not my sunshine to a gloomy day rather a rainbow to my rainy day.

I speak with you in my dreams, but I don’t remember your voice. I’m sure it will be as hot as you look.

Oh, you stunner! You always look stunning but you be extra more stunning in ‘BLACK’ . I really can’t stop drooling over you when you’re in black.

A drive with you is a far-off dream that is out of reach but still somewhere in heart you represent possibility, possibility of change and hope.

No matter what, the crush on you will be neverending and remember, I won’t quit on you.

Hoping daily that we’ll meet soon and forever (but forever is a myth to me babe!).

Like, Luck, Love all start with same alphabet that your name does. Isn’t this fascinating?!
~Dear Lamborghini

A lover of yours,


My dear Wonderfolks, did you think this letter is for a person?

Lamborghini’s pictures give me instant happiness and that’s the reason it’s being my constant crush.

It is the same Hema who said Happiness does not primarily lie in materialistic possessions but you don’t have to give up on momentary joy that exists around.

This obsession is not gonna affect me in anyway because we usually expect back atleast some love that we give to fellow humans but not from any inanimate objects. The love you give doesn’t vanish, they come back to you in some or the other form.

Thank you for reading!😊

Did I manage to keep up the suspense throughout the letter?
Let me know in the comment section below.
And don’t forget to share this with all the Lamborghini Lovers (Damn! I’m in love with Alliteration😎)!

See you later- Wonderfolks 🖤

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Award Nominations

The Penable Award

Thanks a lot Amy for nominating me for this award. She is an amazing blogger and a good friend of mine. Astonishing, we have soo many similarities right from hobbies to having Myopia!😂

Do check out her page:


1. Tag your post with the Penable award.
2. Display the Penable award logo on your post and follow Penable if you haven’t already.
3. Thank the person who nominated you.
4. Answer the three questions you’ve been asked.
5. Nominate three inspiring people for this award.
6. Let them know of their nomination.
7. Give them three new questions to answer.


1. Do you like surprises? Have you ever surprised anyone?

Yes, I love surprises and surprising others.

2. Life is a blending of which three things, in your own point of view?

Its so simple: Live, Love, Laugh.

3. Is it true that trusting someone can be a strength or weakness? What do you say?

Trusting someone can be both strength and weakness. Having a trustworthy person can be a big strength to one.
On the other hand, trusting someone blindly can be one’s weakness as well.


1. Muralikrish

2. Sarah

3. Lrose5

My questions:

1. Who is that one person you are always grateful to?

2. Which is your favourite season and why?

3. What was your childhood ambition?

Read More »

My Top 10 favourite feelings tag

Hello Wonderfolks 🖤

Hope you all are doing good

I firstly thank Daneelyunus for nominating me.
He is a great blogger and runs a multiniche blog. Do check his informative page.

A big shout out to this amazing blogger for creating this tag!

Bloggers missed to mention her in the way, but I didn’t want to! Here are my answers!!😊


List out 10 of your favourite feelings! It’s honestly that simple!

1. Moons and stars:

Oh! I love gaping at them. How beautifully they shine amongst the dark clouds. Their sight always leave me mesmerized.

2. Sea:

To some its a place to relax, but to me it’s a place of beauty. Those waves are aesthetically pleasing.

3. Holding hands:

It’s my habit to hold my company’s hand when I walk. I love to feel their warmth.

4. Mirror talks:

Talking to mirror is a favourite feeling because it always makes me feel light.
5. Songs:

Who on earth doesn’t love to enjoy music? I’m a music lover too! I can never pass a single day without listening to my favourite song.

6. Warm water:

Don’t be shocked after reading this!😅
I drink warm water even if its 42°C outside. It has several health benefits and also provides a soothing effect.

7. Early mornings:

I’m a morning person. The World is more peaceful during this time. A cup of coffee could be a perfect start for the day.

8. Exams:

As a student, the satisfaction and happiness that I get after completing an exam has no bounds.
9. Food:

Food is always my first love. Pani Puri with both meetha and teekha can give  me instant happiness.

10. Blogging:

Last but never the least, it feels so good when I receive new  comment, new like or a new follower. Blogging on the whole is my recent favourite feeling.
My Nominees:

I’m looking forward to read your answers!❤

Happy Blogging!

See you later- Wonderfolks 🖤