NaPoWriMo – 2021

Hello everyone!I hope you’re doing good.I’m still being on and off here, just to be consistent in blogging and to improve my writing skills I decided to participate in NaPoWriMo – 2021. I participated in #30dayshaikuproject this January and I tried my best to write haikus, and the outcome were satisfactory too. So, next exploration […]

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Better Untitled

I don’t say that pain is absence of pleasure, pain isn’t that devil, as folklore says,it consumes one wholly like love, pride and confidence, this pullulating pain proliferates to every cell and consumes energy, power and strength.For many a times, I have been half in love with easeful death maybe with a single wrist cut […]

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Hello everyone!! I missed the positive vibes this place had ever given me, I badly needed a break cuz, my life required some adjustments both physically and mentally. This haitus was so unexpected and I initially thought it would last few weeks but it crossed a month. Things disturbed me so much and I lacked […]

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How to knit perfect lies?

i. Don’t look at her eyes, she might judge your feelings just by the pupil movements. ii. Don’t let her look at her watch and question you about the delay. iii. Don’t hug or lean over her, she might ask you about the strange perfume smell. iv. Offer kisses and hugs as bribes to leave […]

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They added their notions to her mind that is blank and void of emotions.She stood, perplexed, no way out. In response to Twenty-Words Tuesday ~ Blank. A big hello! I had lately been inactive here. I hope everyone is good. I’ll catch up with all of your posts very soon! Thank you so much for […]

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When I was 8,I thought death is cruel fate and is a punishment to the sinners.The cadaver is buried or burnt to not leave any traces of the misdeeds, my grandparents say. And after years, I realized,death is a peaceful end to life, a fullstop to existence, no commas, no continuations,humans are mortal and not […]

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She applies truckload of makeup,glittering saree,darker shade of blood red lipstick.She bleeds inside and outside. In the dark,she stands, in the tollgates and bus terminus inviting the unknown guests. Her genitals screams every night,screamed in pain, disgust and agony.The society which call her the epitome of impurity, a coquette and a slut,has no name to […]



A bunch of flowers indicating her fragility, as bomb and petal,an old fashioned radio to let her know, how classic she is.A basket of fruits-she’s sweet, and sour sometimes, lastly,scented candles, to voice that she’s my sparkle who takes away darkness in me. Will this set-up impress her? This post is in response to Sadje’s […]


And everything in between…

Our wavelengths hardly match,Our thoughts rarely sync,We seldom wear matching outfits,We don’t go for coffee dates, candle light dinners, chew over future,Kiss in public, exchange expensive gifts. We talk about the empty chairs in the park,nocturnal birds like us, starlight, full moon,thorns in rose plant, nostalgia and Heartbreaks.We share priceless secrets, bitter life experience,and harsh […]

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A Pause.

Okay, I’ve a thousand wishes. Few fulfilled and few not. I’ve one particular wish that’s utterly ridiculous. It’s kinda special that it flashes at least once in a day when I lay exhausted. I wish ‘Time stone’ existed. Imagine calm ocean waters without gigantic waves, highways caught up in huge traffic but no horns blaring […]

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