They scare,They spook,They threaten,They torment,They haunt. Not just the Ghosts,some Humans here too. This is just a random stuff that was here on the draft for so long. I don’t know I felt like posting it today might be because I met a group of HUMANS after months… Thank you so much for reading!🙂

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I’m not sure if fire and water are antonyms, they can’t exist together without a medium separating them (for instance: Vessel is a medium separating the flame and water while boiling), I used them here due to their contrasting characters. Also, this is my first attempt to write a Diamante. I came across this poetry […]

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New Twin

Argh! My mind and this place are twinning. Both- deserted and abandoned; reminding me all that I wish to neglect. This harsh reality transformed me into a drunken poet whose words bleed claret red. I just hope that you refill the blankspace. Okay, atleast we are under the same sky. This post is in response […]

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Sky’s Jewel.

You adorn the velvety dark skyand hide all your cry. Gave us hope –“You’re a Stunner”, praised my Telescope. You’re a proof that –Beauty lies in all shape,and don’t you blush when being gaped? Though surrounded by trillion stars,you outshine,all of them with, own Shine. Your Lunar phasesare more beautiful than fake faces. You are […]

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6 Word Story #10

Hello Wonderfolks!🖤 1. Her soul was free, not lost. 2. Was finally free from disheartening people. 3. Nothing here is free of cost. This post is in response to Shweta’s six word story prompt – Free. Thank you so much for reading ~ 🙂

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You know I fear darkness,But never, when I have you around me. You know I expect someone to wipe off tears,But never, when you cover me. You know I freeze out of coldness,But never, when you are over me. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ~ Blanket […]

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Golden Love.

New day, new morning,noticed a new strand ofGrey Hair. Is that unfair? She asked.Just a reminder,that we’re turning old,but our Love is alwaysa Fine Gold, he replied. Served him brewed coffeealong with chocolate cookies.Seeing him wonder about theunusual combination,“Weird but a cute one as us”, she blushed. As they turned older,she always found anew way […]

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Hello Wonderfolks!🖤 Hope you all are doing fine! Here are the 18 Things that LIFE taught me: 1. Envy consumes itself. 2. Everything here is a lie. 3. You get more by giving more. 4. Never take what isn’t yours. 5. Appearances are often deceptive. 6. Expect the unexpected. 7. Words either heal or dishearten. […]

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6 Word Story #9

Hello Wonderfolks!🖤 1. He gave her the needed space. 2. All she needed is a listener. 3. Lowered their necessity, happiness bloomed everywhere. This post is in response to Shweta’s Six Word Story Prompt – Need. Thank you so much for reading!🙂

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Fall and Rise.

Hey Hazi,I stillremember the day,you landed on my balconywith wounded wings. Hey Hazi,Prepare yourself,set your destination right,It’s time to fall and riseto reach high skies. Hey Hazi,Trust none,its hard to find a true one.Set your soul freeand don’t settle for less. Hey Hazi,Welcome weathers,ride on rainbowsand kiss the sun! Hey Hazi,Don’t expect a crystal ball,to […]

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