First child

I am the first child, who has palace in heart
made of questions, unanswered,
I am the first child, whose favourite pastime is
processing pain,
I am the first child, who is rebellious,
I ask:
Do children in harsh households
whose walls are not filled with world maps glow
like the sky after a heavy shower?
Do people call flowers that
grow in graveyards and cemeteries as ‘beautiful’?
Do potters crave their lost lover’s name in the pot?
What do people do with apologies-
Forgive or forget forcefully ?

I am the first child,
when it rains i don’t let it wash only the dirt off,
also the sins of my birth,
when i pray knee-folded on the block printed cloth,
i think about the nights i cried to put myself sleep,
i think about the days full of nightmares,
when i see people say my name, i hear them spelling
and reading it as ‘grief’ decorated with
colourful cellophane sheets.
when i cleanse face i let kajal deposit in eyes,
artificial moons, for them to gaze,

I am the first child, who grew up loving absence,
falling in love with ignorance,
I am the first child, whose love language is sacrifice.
I am the first child, a rejected hypothesis.

How have y’all been doing? Feels great to post here after months :))


24 thoughts on “First child

  1. SMiLes Dear Hemalatha Nice
    To Hear Deep Soul of Your Poetry
    All the Colors SHades of Grey to
    BLacK Abyss That May Come to Life

    Always Better Than Repressing the
    Darkness So Far Away From Light As

    Shadows EXPReSSinG Art May Tempt
    Sunshine Within to Come Exposed Free

    Once Again to BREaTHE Truly You’ve
    Captured A Soul Lost Finding In This Poem

    And Surely With Empathy And Compassion
    Whether it is Us or Not
    As Subject of the Poem

    We Will Feel the Pain
    And Extend A Hand
    of Comfort Where

    Warmth May
    Be Tempted to
    Return on the Long Way Home to Love
    Again or Perhaps For The First Ever Warmth WiTHiN…
    Anyway Nice to See You On Word Press Again Dear Young
    Indian Poet FRiEnD With SMiLes Let Your LiGHT Shine Free..:)

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      1. SMiles Dear Hemalatha i Too
        Missed Your Free SPiRiTinG
        Poetry A Best ParT Of
        Re-TiRinG With Fresh
        Tread On Barren
        Wheels of Creativity
        Writing Our Own Stories
        Masters Of Our Own Play
        No Longer Slaves to
        Expectations of
        Work For Pay
        Golden Age
        i Thrive Now
        Is Real New Best
        of ForTune to You
        For Free MuSiC
        Of SoUL With SMiles😊🙏🙌

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      1. Good its fictional 🙂
        You are welcome Hema.
        I have been doing good, thanks for asking 🙂 I too have been away from here for a while. Trying to be active here again but too many things to do 🙂


  2. Falling in love is great. But staying in love is difficult. When you meet someone who sweeps you off your feet, makes your skin tingle, and ignites deep feelings, the next logical step is to get into a committed relationship with them. After all, isn’t cementing your bond and planning your life ahead the most beautiful part of being in love?
    Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Relationships have become rather complex these days with many factors impacting their success or failure.
    In some relationships (most people will say), commitment means being exclusive. Not seeing anyone else romantically. However, the opposite isn’t necessarily true: agreeing to be exclusive doesn’t automatically mean that you’re committed to a relationship. You’re simply only going to date one another for the time being. But a commitment takes things to the next level: you’re ready to dedicate yourself to being a good partner and seeing where this relationship can go.

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