Life latety #1

the struggle to shut down voices from the back of the head/ forgiveness coming with struggle/ drowning in the dread of guilt, of all feelings, of ache, pain, grief/ sad songs makes more sense/ doubts and donuts in hands/ on the edge of the cliff – not for the first time/ solace becoming an addiction/ […]


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I realized that I can be both. The best hater and best lover. That day I realised this is the day, I traced back to places, the deserted ones, and found remnants of old love, residues of hate in a few others. My soul seeks revenge. My body suffered, and my throat survived all the […]

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Unplanned and unedited #6

I sat idle clutching the handle of my coffee mug with tea in it. I recalled the last time I had a beverage without the company of a gadget, laptop – bookmarking pages, or phone – scrolling through short videos. The last time is unknown. This evening. I sat clutching the coffee mug with tea […]

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Sometimes, happiness is too suffocating. it looks as light as cotton in a cart,but feels heavy, so heavy and unbearable, sometimes.For a person who aced the art of,living through heartbreaks and disappointments,happiness is a bulk emotion to process, the impending fear of being broken, again,the inability to face dismay, once again– happiness IS a bulk […]

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First child

I am the first child, who has palace in heart made of questions, unanswered,I am the first child, whose favourite pastime is processing pain,I am the first child, who is rebellious,I ask: Do children in harsh households whose walls are not filled with world maps glow like the sky after a heavy shower?Do people call […]

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Love language

There are some days,when i go inexpressive,unemotional, unreadable,on those days, silence, becomes our love language, stillness spreads around us,like shadow, its umbra,in heart shape. There are some days,when i grow dull, forlornpale, prosaic, wretched,on those days, eyes become our love language,his eyes filled with language of passion, adoration that’s strong enough to melt the moon. […]

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It is okay

I’ll teach my daughter it’s okay to be angry, when the world tries to convince her with bitter truths and sweet lies, when her opinions are valued less, when the teacher calls her ‘undisciplined’ for looking at other row of the classroom, when properties are not splitted equally. I’ll teach my daughter it’s okay to […]

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A beautiful boy

The poet in me can’t describe a beautiful boy, who is beautiful not in one but in every way, who read books and weeps like a baby, who would take time to fix the frizzy hair, who is motivated to ace the recipe of french pasta, who wait for hours until the girlfriend finishes shopping, […]

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everything is easy when you’re home,the fake plants in the entrance- smiles and wards off the plagues of pain, builds new pattern of happiness,the walls are of sweet phrases not black soil and bricks,they whisper hugs,the photographs and rusted frames ofinnocent smiles and linen clothes reminds that good old days weren’t too far,with the idli, […]

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Love is a strange paradise,it is not made of chandeliers,glasswares, glittering wallsand kaleidoscopic roofsrather with cement bricks,floors etched with sad shayaris,rooms echo in reverse,utensils cry in grief whenthey fall, earthquakes and sea stormsare uninvited permanent guests. Here, we repeat:Love is blind, blinding – motionlesslyand fall for mere words, pretty smiles,shining eyes. We hide our lovers […]

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