October × Love

Love isn’t mere kisses on the region behind ears, or on neck or on lips, It is a tender forehead kiss sounding like a response to a rescue call, Feels like the ray of sunshine to a grieving sunflower, giving life and warmth. Shiuli, the white flowers,blooms in the night to only perish in the […]

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We met, we kissed, we hugged, we shared love, I called you home, your arms were my safest haven that I like to hold on to, your chest were the soil I would deeply sow myself in, our home is barren without love, without your forehead kisses, this is not a home anymore, a room […]

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Things that instil hope in my heart

Things that instil hope in my heart: 1) Restoration videos. YouTube is known for its strange and stranger recommendation of random videos. When I lay hopeless, appears the videos in which abandoned, rusted, neglected objected are refurbished. If gadgets/ articles/ devices can/are conditioned, my heart that’s crippled can be mended, right? 2) Park. When I […]

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