If you decide to manage expectations, what do I exist for? “Make a wish”, ordered the heart to the brain. Many times our heart controls the brain. We make quick decisions and judgements from the heart in situations where we have to work practically involving logical thinking. I believe that a person who is capable […]


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Golden cage #twt

People envied the luxurious life she lived, little did they know that the golden cage swallowed her plans and desires. In response to Bulbul’s Twenty Word Tuesday prompt – Golden. Thank you so much for reading! ❤️

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My garden taught me to work with perseverance, to wait patiently and to celebrate all triumphs, said the newspaper tycoon. In response to Bulbul’s TWT Week – 34. I missed this writing exercise of fitting into the exact word counts, glad to be back in attempting this. Thank you for your reading! ❤

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They added their notions to her mind that is blank and void of emotions.She stood, perplexed, no way out. In response to Twenty-Words Tuesday ~ Blank. A big hello! I had lately been inactive here. I hope everyone is good. I’ll catch up with all of your posts very soon! Thank you so much for […]

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Take me to the graffiti exhibition, she said. Get me Spaghetti, he replied. “Fullfil each other’s desires”, their marriage goal. This post is in response to Bulbul’s Twenty Word Tuesday Prompt – Spaghetti. Graffiti was the first word that came to mind after seeing the prompt. I don’t wanna miss posting this, so I did […]

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In response to Bulbul’s Twenty Word Tuesday Prompt Your support system? My wife.Her sacrifices are countless and endless. He proudly answered in “Entrepreneur of the Year” Event. Just in a blink of an eye, a last week passed. I did nothing other than attending online classes monotonously, taking all the small things to mind and […]

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A reminder.

The love she had was not everlasting. She accidentally looked at the mirror; fell for herself more deeper than ever. In response to prompts: Bulbul’s Twenty Word Tuesday and Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Everlasting. Edit: This is my 50th post on WordPress. My heart skipped a beat when I received this notification after publishing. And […]

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1. What’s butterfly effect? The moment he crosses me, butterflies flutter so fast in tummy. He blushed, love bloomed from innocence. 2. She was good at hiding. He was an expert in understanding. It has to be felt not said, he say. This post is in response to Bulbul’s Twenty Word Tuesday – Feeling. Thank […]

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Just a number!

Hello Wonderfolks!🖤 Declining years,Wrinkles appeared.Blemishes and imperfections,Drew attention.It’s time to,Rejuvenate yourself,said her inner self.Confidence elevated! This post is in response to Bulbul’s Twenty Word Story Prompt . Thank you so much for reading!🙂

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Hello Wonderfolks!🖤 This post is in response to Bulbul’s Twenty Word Tuesday – Hiding. The world around, always envied her sizzling smile, little did they know, that, they were the masks hiding her hurdles… Thank you so much for reading!🙂

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