If you decide to manage expectations, what do I exist for? “Make a wish”, ordered the heart to the brain.

Many times our heart controls the brain. We make quick decisions and judgements from the heart in situations where we have to work practically involving logical thinking. I believe that a person who is capable of making the right decisions balancing both heart and brain is intelligent.

This post is in response to Twenty Word Tuesday prompt.


47 thoughts on “Wish

  1. and the tongue said to mouth one day,
    psst let’s sneak off,
    let’s run away,
    I’m tired of the games the brain and heart do play,
    and the nose did smell a plot in the air,
    the ears did hear this whispering from inside,
    and the eye’s did look skyward as if to hide ,
    but how did they know this,
    these senses of mine,
    just where does our collective consciousness reside,
    is it inside us or outside,
    surely its the brain that decides,
    but then a calmness, so smooth, sublime,
    emerges from nowhere as if from the moon,
    as if with the waters tides,
    let these fires burn and burn out, these phenomenal qualities,
    for your energy source is to be found in the ground, in the air, waters and sea,
    surely you know this,
    when your senses are all aflame,
    for the heart and the brain are one and the same,
    like dew drop and rain,
    it is only modern people that choose to differentiate,
    to control,
    to capture,
    for pleasure,
    for pain,
    but really, now ask yourself, who is to gain,
    for these cravings of desire are no real measure,
    of who’s smart or clever,
    be naive,
    be stupid,
    and you will see,
    just how big
    then small
    this wonderous world can be.

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  2. The heart beats constantly
    everything that the being human means
    the subconscious
    by floating the little awareness
    wants from breath to breath
    again and again we the decision
    in the trial for the better

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  3. Wonderful perspective, Hema! Rather than intelligence, I’d term logical decision making as pragmatism. I guess we can never get over this conflict of heart and brain. It’s the brain’s trick to make us believe the heart can make decisions. πŸ˜…

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  4. It’s definitely a tricky task. The mind and heart though sheltered together, tend to race in opposite directions. One must be a tough taskmaster to keep them both in line. I have failed many times.
    Wonderful writing. πŸ™‚


  5. I do agree, we are often striving for that balance but I believe the biggest decisions we make in life demand that we make a choice between brain and heart and there is no getting the best of both worlds in those.


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