An ode

An ode, to the walls seeing the unseen faces/ to the floor carrying spilled coffee/ to the gates etched with the memories of goodbyes and hellos/ to the mugs held in between fingers with little care/ to the plates disrespected most of the times/ to the unclear mirror of dust/ to the micellar water removing […]


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Sometimes, I find death to be the most interesting thing to think about.Would there be flowers dropping from sky,would my words fade away,would my paintings be restored,would there be angels coming from heavento carry me to their place,would there be people to cry after I’m gone, gone far away? I think about the death bed […]

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6 Word Story #8

Hello Wonderfolks!🖤 This post is in response to Shweta’s Six Word Story Prompt- Water. 1. Had thoughts deep as ocean water. 2. I’m abundant and abandoned; stated water. 3. I accept any shape, boasted water. I’m sorry for being late!! I accidentally scheduled this post wrongly due to AM and PM confusion!😭 As Shweta says, […]

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