An ode

An ode, to the walls seeing the unseen faces/ to the floor carrying spilled coffee/ to the gates etched with the memories of goodbyes and hellos/ to the mugs held in between fingers with little care/ to the plates disrespected most of the times/ to the unclear mirror of dust/ to the micellar water removing dirt, bullies on skin/ to the clocks ticking over day and night uttering ‘move on’ in silence/to the uncared aloe vera in the balcony/ to the cushion bearing long hugs/ to the notepad of undone works / to the bracelet that feels the gushing out stress/ to the stole that covers up one from judgments/ to the queer magazines on the dining table reconditioning notions/ to the pens with no ink/ to crumbled paper of poor writing attempts/ to the sling bags of train tickets and kumkum/ to the safety pins holding dressess tight/ to the unopened parcels/ to the unworn clothes/ to the fading mehndi/ to the bits and pieces of home, this is an ode, to the unnoticed and inconspicuous things of life.

Thank you so much for reading!


21 thoughts on “An ode

  1. Yes Dear Hemalatha All The Bits and Pieces
    of Life Bring Flow of Home Everywhere

    And Everything

    That Becomes

    A Poetry Prompt

    To Color Life More

    Forever Now

    mY FRiEnD

    Life is Only
    As Colorful
    As We Paint
    All the Parts Whole

    In How We Feel And
    Sense All of Life in Synergy of Joy More

    With of Course Respect Now For Shadows

    MaKinG Sunshine Possible too For All We Do..:)

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      1. Thanks Hemalatha
        For Your inspiring
        Poem in
        Florida Fall
        Comes And
        Summer Keeps

        Returning in
        Spurts Currently

        We Are Enjoying


        Of Cool
        Breezes Surely
        Something You

        In The
        Green Yet
        Heat And

        Of India my FRiEnD😊🏝

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