Their hands intertwinedhearts allied, destiny and fate,smirked at a distance. I had been reading Nicolas Sparks words and this haiku eventually happened. Thank you so much for reading!

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An ode

An ode, to the walls seeing the unseen faces/ to the floor carrying spilled coffee/ to the gates etched with the memories of goodbyes and hellos/ to the mugs held in between fingers with little care/ to the plates disrespected most of the times/ to the unclear mirror of dust/ to the micellar water removing […]


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Ode to Madras

Kolams beautifying the roads, houses filled with the fragrance of agarbattis and voices of Suphrabatham are blissful morning says, my Dad.The chaotic commutations in trains and buses, the tart mango, guava sold with salt and chilli leaving us with watered mouths, busy roads with glaring horns and quarrels, full-meals in hotels and an extra cup […]

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A tiny letter to my daughter

Dear Sunshine, Since I raise you, I know you are strong but this short letter is to make you even more stronger, I’ve written about things I wanted to tell you for so long but couldn’t. I can’t utter them looking straight at your eyes, they are the crystal balls in which my future lies, […]

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A letter #7

I found a piece of paper in my parent’s almirah,mom and dad are known for their letter and greeting card collection,this one was unusual cuz, it was an envelope dated, 02 October, 1994;and it also had “to address’ in it. I opened the unsent letter with huge excitement,I was astonished by the very first line,that […]

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We are humans #5

we are humans,we are daughters of smoke and bone;sons of thorns and spines,we lit each other with light of jealousyand seek enlightenment with enormous amount of secret wishes in heart,we test each other’s patience,and say, “people are impatient”,we trade everything- love, dreams and what not?we change instantly, competing the speed of light.we are humans,we waterlog […]

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Letter #2

Hello Wonderfolks!🖤 This post is in response to Sadje’s Monday Prompt. She, uncommonly started writing, her emotions turned into stunning sentence, began to express the unexpressed, wrote that she left unsaid. He, as he usually do, And this time too… Stood far apart, adoring her. He, wished to wipe off, the Tears, that rolled down […]

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A Letter

Hello Wonderfolks 🖤 Hope you all are doing good! I have been considering to write this for so long. My brain was in a dormant state for literally past 20 days. I couldn’t make any clear writings and that’s why there’s a long gap between the last post and this. It was my friend who […]

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