To the boy who never loved again #openletter

To the boy who never loved again,

When in love it felt like it is a perpetual, tranquil state in life, you live every moment, captured every second with utmost pleasure and glee. The whole universe stands up for you, stars align in the favourite patterns and life look right on. Sounds soothes your ears; sights fulfil your heart and every little thing around matter to you.

Just in contrast to this, today, after she’s gone, moved miles away and left you in solitude, the things that granted pleasure, things that yielded meaning to life don’t matter anymore. All of this elicits a thought that the whole universe is against you.

From having 100 reasons to live together to discovering newer reasons to stay apart and switch directions, life taught what heartbreak is, how it feels and how sudden changes happen bringing out unanticipated outcomes. The glance of her favourite colours reminds you of how she reacted when you presented her one, the smell of her perfume in your hoodie reminds you of herself, everything around you makes you feel that she’s right here, here in your room, here in your memories and here in your heart; safe and secure.

You can’t forget her and can’t fill the void she has brought to your life too. Yes, you can’t love again, you can’t risk your poignant emotions yet another time. You might feel that your heart is so tender that it can’t bear anymore heartbreaks and heartaches, vulnerability scares you the most.

But you’ve to think practically, understand that we are all pawns of time and every action in one’s life has a reason behind that’s invisible for today, but you later understand and reconcile yourself. Moving on and forgetting one whom you considered to be the most significant person in life is not easy as it is said, but the situation starts to heal gradually as you begin to accept the reality. Start fixing the broken pieces of heart with kindness and gentleness.

Remember, the love you had given, love you give come back to you after completing it’s cycle.
It’s okay if you don’t love a girl but don’t forget to love yourself.

That’s my first ever open letter. I wrote this sometime back and loved how it turned out! I had always been fond of writing in male perspectives. It makes me think outside the box and it’s also a simple route to emphasize feelings.

Thank you so much for reading! ❤️


18 thoughts on “To the boy who never loved again #openletter

  1. The boy
    who never loved again discovered love is akin to a toy
    once the boy
    got tired of the toy
    the boy
    no longer returned to the toy!


  2. liking it. loving it, well maybe – lol lol… I find that the male perspective is, really so silently crafted nuanced… bonds made are, in my experience, pretty solid yet ever so fluid and freeing. Like mercury they require special conditions of management. Simply put if spilt or used inappropriately it is dangerous stuff and the hurt of a lost love can cause a permanent and lasting numbness. Soft on the outside but like steel on the in.
    Yet I wonder about the differences between the sexes and is it real at all. Patriarchy and misogynistic images of boys and men negate the tenderness that boys and men share with each other…. and too with childhood grrrrl friends, or I have had this experience.
    Another blogger ‘Love All Or Perish’ recently invited her readers to talk about the loves in their life. I replied and in the most unanticipated way wrote a story, a real event, about me and a life time pal. It is about love and a real one too that most men know about. As will be true for women too. Feminism challenges the patriarchal ontology of masculinity yet the structural determinants of this remains intact and are unhealthly healthy *most violence, 86%, is by men against women and children* yet our natural innate love of each other from boyhood to manhood remains silent.
    So, liking it – Yes. Loving it, well maybe – tobe convinced.
    Great Post though and genuinely so. Thank You.

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  3. Very well have got rhe emotions right…the feelings when a lover leaves or a break up takes place have been so well narrated..
    But then life has to go on .and maybe you are right what one gives comes back…
    Stay blessed always


  4. Fairy Tales Come Real Ironically Hemalatha
    What my First Love Leaving me
    Teaches at only 19 Years-old

    Sure Enough 10 Years Later
    my Soul Grown Numb too
    Strangely Meeting a Young
    Woman 19 Years-Old Sitting

    On Gym Stairs Eerily A More Much More
    Beautiful Version of First Love Leaving
    10 Years Before true The Fairy Tale Magic

    Is After Being Married Second First Love
    Looks the Same Now at 51 Years Old after

    31 Year of Marriage

    Yet i Feel the Magic

    Is i Still Love

    Her the Same

    Magic Way i Did
    in First Glance That
    Day Seeing Her Sitting on the
    Gym Stairs Then True Everyday

    Now i Pray And Thanks First Love Flowering Second
    For Bringing me A Gift of Thorns to Find Ever RiSinG
    Rose For Real NoW True What ‘Open Letters’ Do Inspire Real Stories

    i Asked


    In OPen Letter Soul Play Magic Way

    She Still Comes Through For me now..:)

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  5. girl
    for over
    fifty years
    I see
    Your blue eyes
    shine in your face

    the kiss
    that you expect from me
    I couldn’t give you

    oh wonderful woman
    I always remember you


  6. Beautifully penned down, if you want you join in as a Co-author in my new book “I’ll be there for you.” Do check out my new blog for details.


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