Need a company?The cozy chair in the balcony is empty.There’s a tapestry of starsto be gazed at.They savour the sempiternal solitude by,twinkling alone admist the crowd. I hear the murmured secrets, I’m all ears, stars whisper.Their shine fondle the heartsthat are withered as rose.Under the canopy of clouds,humans get lost and rediscover themselves. The cosmic […]

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In response to Bulbul’s Twenty Word Tuesday Prompt Your support system? My wife.Her sacrifices are countless and endless. He proudly answered in “Entrepreneur of the Year” Event. Just in a blink of an eye, a last week passed. I did nothing other than attending online classes monotonously, taking all the small things to mind and […]

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1. What’s butterfly effect? The moment he crosses me, butterflies flutter so fast in tummy. He blushed, love bloomed from innocence. 2. She was good at hiding. He was an expert in understanding. It has to be felt not said, he say. This post is in response to Bulbul’s Twenty Word Tuesday – Feeling. Thank […]

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She searched for a lamp,that would last longer,forgetting the light within. When the lost light was rediscovered,she glowed brighter than full moon. Thank you so much for reading!🙂

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Musings of a Butterfly

You admire me now,But,I was once, a tiny egglying on the verge of a leaf,trusting none. Next, a caterpillar,creeping, crawling, eatingand eating,preparing myself tosurvive. Then, a life inside a cocoon,Pupa, they call.Nobody knows,I’m dying inside,suffocating in isolationand the terribledarkness. What!?Am I a butterfly?with wings, a fresh lifeand a new world. The darkness got mecolours all […]

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They scare,They spook,They threaten,They torment,They haunt. Not just the Ghosts,some Humans here too. This is just a random stuff that was here on the draft for so long. I don’t know I felt like posting it today might be because I met a group of HUMANS after months… Thank you so much for reading!🙂

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New Twin

Argh! My mind and this place are twinning. Both- deserted and abandoned; reminding me all that I wish to neglect. This harsh reality transformed me into a drunken poet whose words bleed claret red. I just hope that you refill the blankspace. Okay, atleast we are under the same sky. This post is in response […]

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You know I fear darkness,But never, when I have you around me. You know I expect someone to wipe off tears,But never, when you cover me. You know I freeze out of coldness,But never, when you are over me. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ~ Blanket […]

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Hello Wonderfolks!🖤 Hope you all are doing fine! Here are the 18 Things that LIFE taught me: 1. Envy consumes itself. 2. Everything here is a lie. 3. You get more by giving more. 4. Never take what isn’t yours. 5. Appearances are often deceptive. 6. Expect the unexpected. 7. Words either heal or dishearten. […]

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6 Word Story #9

Hello Wonderfolks!🖤 1. He gave her the needed space. 2. All she needed is a listener. 3. Lowered their necessity, happiness bloomed everywhere. This post is in response to Shweta’s Six Word Story Prompt – Need. Thank you so much for reading!🙂

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