Restart #15

yes, you left abruptly withouta “goodbye”,say “hi”,let’s break the strange silenceand start from the first,it’s okay if we are oceans apart,don’t get to see each other,shall I reside in your heart,in a small corner? Thank you so much for reading! ❤️

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dreams #9

Can I take a picture of my dreams?It is a kaleidoscope whose reflecting surfacesreflects my thoughts and things I secretly wish for,from sleeping on cloud to fixing my broken relationship,I dream of everything,mostly of things I couldn’t fulfill ever,but it fills the void in me,to some it’s right, to some it’s wrong,to some it’s dark, […]

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A letter #7

I found a piece of paper in my parent’s almirah,mom and dad are known for their letter and greeting card collection,this one was unusual cuz, it was an envelope dated, 02 October, 1994;and it also had “to address’ in it. I opened the unsent letter with huge excitement,I was astonished by the very first line,that […]

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We are humans #5

we are humans,we are daughters of smoke and bone;sons of thorns and spines,we lit each other with light of jealousyand seek enlightenment with enormous amount of secret wishes in heart,we test each other’s patience,and say, “people are impatient”,we trade everything- love, dreams and what not?we change instantly, competing the speed of light.we are humans,we waterlog […]

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Letting go my company #4

this feeling is something that my words can’t describe,but I hide them in between every phrases and sentences,you make my pity heart carry loads of unknown pain,it beats fast and faster, overworking most of the are like an anchor,who holds me tight from moving or you keep dragging me down and downwhat falls along […]

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How to knit perfect lies?

i. Don’t look at her eyes, she might judge your feelings just by the pupil movements. ii. Don’t let her look at her watch and question you about the delay. iii. Don’t hug or lean over her, she might ask you about the strange perfume smell. iv. Offer kisses and hugs as bribes to leave […]

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They added their notions to her mind that is blank and void of emotions.She stood, perplexed, no way out. In response to Twenty-Words Tuesday ~ Blank. A big hello! I had lately been inactive here. I hope everyone is good. I’ll catch up with all of your posts very soon! Thank you so much for […]

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She applies truckload of makeup,glittering saree,darker shade of blood red lipstick.She bleeds inside and outside. In the dark,she stands, in the tollgates and bus terminus inviting the unknown guests. Her genitals screams every night,screamed in pain, disgust and agony.The society which call her the epitome of impurity, a coquette and a slut,has no name to […]


And everything in between…

Our wavelengths hardly match,Our thoughts rarely sync,We seldom wear matching outfits,We don’t go for coffee dates, candle light dinners, chew over future,Kiss in public, exchange expensive gifts. We talk about the empty chairs in the park,nocturnal birds like us, starlight, full moon,thorns in rose plant, nostalgia and Heartbreaks.We share priceless secrets, bitter life experience,and harsh […]

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