The need

We need someone to just sit with and talk about stars and skies/ constellations and celestial bodies/ suffocating hearts and minds/ withered leaves and dried bougainville/ hurricanes and drought/ tea leaves and decoction/ darkness and serial light/ smell of henna and last summer/ taxis and busy roads/ art galleries and museums/ hot chocolate and peanut butter/ sunsets and seashore/ train station and old books/ gaint wheels and mountains/ cold breeze and falls, sometimes, we just need someone for small things to make sense.


36 thoughts on “The need

      1. My pleasure πŸ™‚
        I have been doing well. Thank you for asking. How about you?
        I am sorry to have not posted. Thank you for giving me an idea. Have been pondering on how to resume.

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  1. or sew we are told,
    woven tapestry of green and gold,
    blue moon hanging in pink whispering cloud swished across blood rinsed orange sunsetting skies,
    wishes, wishes, wishes, like,
    washing up last nights dishes,
    extrinsic desire of an activation needed, like,
    kneeding bread to get the yeast mixed,
    bewtwist, between, bewildered,
    what happens inside is secretly being distilled,
    with patience and care,
    with self belief in the love that waits there,
    giving gloss to your hair and a glow in the face do you grow in this glory, I swear, like,
    it’s inside all the time,
    activation serene and sublime,
    as this is yours and only for you and mine is, well, mine,
    to meet one so sovereign is truly divine,
    in self love, inside is where I reside,
    and in respect of you and your love given from inside to outside,
    equanimity is shared,
    from the love within and lasts for all time.

    *you touched something there Hema. be Hema. just be. *

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      1. ha ha ha yeah I get it too maybe it’ll cotton on… I have found that finding the natural joy in the heart and letting it out does it for me… and I learnt this from Stacy @ Cattales and WTF but I do like the use of the words you have used too… very energetic

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  2. Skyscrapers Now Becoming Living
    Dying Mausoleums Screen Savers

    Becoming Links, Shares, Follows,

    And Likes Without Warmth

    of Human Breath

    And True in Japan

    Clean-Up Crews Not For
    Taking Care of the Living Elderly

    Yet Only What Remains of them Without
    A Single Flesh and Blood Human Connection

    That Misses the
    Fact They

    No Longer

    Breathe in Apartments
    of Sky Scrapers Long

    Lost Vacant of Human

    HeART Beats So far away

    From Love And Now Just Dead…
    Just Dead

    If Not

    Only Living
    Dead With No
    Warmth of Moving
    Connecting Co-Creating
    Really Living Life Hand in Real Hands of Warmth

    So How Did We Really Get Here

    Someone Was Physically Cold

    Or Hot And Wanted Cooler

    or Warmer Shelter

    Someone Wanted

    To Store Food

    Without it Spoiling

    Someone Dreamed
    of Inventing Toilet Paper
    That Didn’t Even Exist Until
    Less Than 200 Years Ago in 1857

    And Someone Dreamed One Day of
    Taking A Bath Warm Every Day With
    The Invention of Electricity in 1831, Light
    For A Bath With the Electric Bulb in 1879
    my Gosh only 142 Years Ago, And Yes the
    Electric Water Heater in 1889 Yet True What

    Good Are All

    These Luxuries

    Without Hugs

    of Human


    In General

    What Good Is Life

    Without Love Really

    Not Much at All What Clouds

    Love Most All The Clothes and Tools We Use and Become

    No Longer Needing Each Other Forgetting Each Other Exists

    Replacement Parts For All In Life That Exists Except for What Really


    Us more

    Than SKiN Deep
    The Good News Dear
    Hemalatha is We aRe Still

    Human We Don’t Have to Follow the
    Rules of This New Cold World Place

    ENOUGH WHOLE COMPLETE; And Master the Tools

    For Love
    And LiGHT

    And Master the
    Tools to Become

    Even More Human Than Only
    FlesH and Blood To Fulfill the Original Plan

    of the


    mY FRiEnD

    Mastering Both
    Tools and Mind of
    Only Mechanical Cognition Indeed
    To LiVE A LiFE of LoVE Organic Free…

    Ever Notice How Folks Wanna Eat Organic
    Foods and Forget About Their Soul True Let’s All ReMeMBeR
    And Breathe Again Inhaling Peace Exhaling LOVE iN JoY oF LiGHT NoW..:)


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