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Their hands intertwined
hearts allied, destiny and fate,
smirked at a distance.

I had been reading Nicolas Sparks words and this haiku eventually happened.

Thank you so much for reading!


29 thoughts on “Smirk

  1. SMiLes All The Glow of Romance
    Lasts Up to About 18 Months

    Dear Hemalatha

    And Then It’s

    Up to Real Love

    To Sprout and
    Green And



    SMiLes Still
    Enjoying Love
    With No Smirks

    For Snoring All Night Long Hehe…
    SMiLes i’ve Received A Whole
    Lot of Smirks From Life More
    Humans Than The Rest
    Of Nature i Find

    With Humans

    Humor Cures
    Almost All Ills

    And Wit That is Clever
    Enough Now Allows those

    To Join A Trip Down As HigH As Ever Hehe..:)

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