And everything in between…

Our wavelengths hardly match,Our thoughts rarely sync,We seldom wear matching outfits,We don’t go for coffee dates, candle light dinners, chew over future,Kiss in public, exchange expensive gifts. We talk about the empty chairs in the park,nocturnal birds like us, starlight, full moon,thorns in rose plant, nostalgia and Heartbreaks.We share priceless secrets, bitter life experience,and harsh […]

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Might be because,we were caught inLabyrinth of lies.Faced depression,terrible heartbreaks,unforgettable betrayals,painful backstabbings;infinite, broken and shivering promises. We remained quiet,chose silence, an escapism.What gave us hope?Nothing.What connected us?Our situation.That’s a weird telepathy.I treasure it. Thank you so much for reading!🙂

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Poem to a Poet

I always wondered who would,give back all the love I shower,you defeated my mirror. You say,I rebuilt the ‘madman’ in you,to a passionate poet. You bewitched my heart,with beautiful flatteryand impeccable poems. Everyday, a thousand times, I fall for your words, love and the hazel eyes. Prompt used: Bewitched from Eugi Thank you so much […]

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I’m not sure if fire and water are antonyms, they can’t exist together without a medium separating them (for instance: Vessel is a medium separating the flame and water while boiling), I used them here due to their contrasting characters. Also, this is my first attempt to write a Diamante. I came across this poetry […]

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