Might be because,we were caught inLabyrinth of lies.Faced depression,terrible heartbreaks,unforgettable betrayals,painful backstabbings;infinite, broken and shivering promises. We remained quiet,chose silence, an escapism.What gave us hope?Nothing.What connected us?Our situation.That’s a weird telepathy.I treasure it. Thank you so much for reading!🙂

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Poem to a Poet

I always wondered who would,give back all the love I shower,you defeated my mirror. You say,I rebuilt the ‘madman’ in you,to a passionate poet. You bewitched my heart,with beautiful flatteryand impeccable poems. Everyday, a thousand times, I fall for your words, love and the hazel eyes. Prompt used: Bewitched from Eugi Thank you so much […]

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1. What’s butterfly effect? The moment he crosses me, butterflies flutter so fast in tummy. He blushed, love bloomed from innocence. 2. She was good at hiding. He was an expert in understanding. It has to be felt not said, he say. This post is in response to Bulbul’s Twenty Word Tuesday – Feeling. Thank […]

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You know I fear darkness,But never, when I have you around me. You know I expect someone to wipe off tears,But never, when you cover me. You know I freeze out of coldness,But never, when you are over me. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ~ Blanket […]

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Golden Love.

New day, new morning,noticed a new strand ofGrey Hair. Is that unfair? She asked.Just a reminder,that we’re turning old,but our Love is alwaysa Fine Gold, he replied. Served him brewed coffeealong with chocolate cookies.Seeing him wonder about theunusual combination,“Weird but a cute one as us”, she blushed. As they turned older,she always found anew way […]

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