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Our mind, it’s thoughts are like light, the reflection of several shades, of various combination, of saturations and colours.
Sometimes, narrow and shallow. Sometimes, wide and telescopic. Sometimes, they are the dim spark in the end of the tunnel giving hope to get through.

It is you, who can change your thoughts, alter the light’s composition with definite clarity.
Find meaning in every beam of sunshine, nourish your thoughts like you water plants.

Thank you so much for reading!


39 thoughts on “Colours

  1. Of course colours is an appropriate subject-it’s now Autumn and we think of the blazing colours of Autumn, no more and not less; for Autumn is, my far, Nature’s most beauty season!

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  2. all senses,
    of acuity,
    giving rise,
    to confusions,
    of matters not,
    not light,
    no senses,
    see through,
    only reflect,
    like a,
    a clinging,
    of me,
    as you,
    a projection,
    grey is,
    the only,
    of truth,
    in this,
    not light,
    not darkness,
    the real,
    as organic,
    not me,
    not you,
    the rest,
    on release,
    is energy,
    so true…..

    *not sure where this is going but then that’s the point too. your verse is a powerful prompt Hema*

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  3. The spirit sits in the lotus
    the soul
    keeping him afloat

    out of the murky
    the subconscious
    from the fountain of the soul
    all thoughts come
    the human
    in each and every one of them
    to the point

    We become through the dream
    from the depths of the soul
    gets us every breath
    our thirst is quenched


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