If I’m given a chance,I would get back to my childhood,to talk with my soft toys rather than people, though neither responds. If I’m given a chance,I would get back to my childhood,to cherish the carefree days,problem free weeks and enthusiastic years. If I’m given a chance,I would get back to my childhoodwhere fights lasted […]

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Might be because,we were caught inLabyrinth of lies.Faced depression,terrible heartbreaks,unforgettable betrayals,painful backstabbings;infinite, broken and shivering promises. We remained quiet,chose silence, an escapism.What gave us hope?Nothing.What connected us?Our situation.That’s a weird telepathy.I treasure it. Thank you so much for reading!🙂

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Musings of a Butterfly

You admire me now,But,I was once, a tiny egglying on the verge of a leaf,trusting none. Next, a caterpillar,creeping, crawling, eatingand eating,preparing myself tosurvive. Then, a life inside a cocoon,Pupa, they call.Nobody knows,I’m dying inside,suffocating in isolationand the terribledarkness. What!?Am I a butterfly?with wings, a fresh lifeand a new world. The darkness got mecolours all […]

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As the coloursfilled the canvas.As her stroke,beautified the look,Her mind rewinded the pastand brought her angst.She paused her work,and leaned against the bark.The clouds in motion,changed her notion,instilled her, impermanence and transitions in Life.He was no more a mess,that she miss. That incomplete painting, had infinite meaning. I started the poem having a different concept […]

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In the vast barren land,I walk and walk,Seeking an end,So as in Life. Like plants in desert,I thrive to survive,Among deceivers andfake humans. I strive to bloomAnd the drizzlesOf Rain and Lovesoothe my soul. People leave traces,Many are scars,That I embrace. Found Oasis there,And Hope here. This post is in response to Sadje’s What do […]

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Hello Wonderfolks!🖤 This post is in response to Sadje’s What do you see #45. Up, up and high, Those moments were worth a sigh. He painted her grey soul, with polychromatic blues. She relished the open air as he caressed her hair. He saw her eyes speak and grew emotionally weak. She, being startled by […]

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