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I firstly thank Daneelyunus for nominating me.
He is a great blogger and runs a multiniche blog. Do check his informative page.

A big shout out to this amazing blogger for creating this tag!

Bloggers missed to mention her in the way, but I didn’t want to! Here are my answers!!😊


List out 10 of your favourite feelings! It’s honestly that simple!

1. Moons and stars:

Oh! I love gaping at them. How beautifully they shine amongst the dark clouds. Their sight always leave me mesmerized.

2. Sea:

To some its a place to relax, but to me it’s a place of beauty. Those waves are aesthetically pleasing.

3. Holding hands:

It’s my habit to hold my company’s hand when I walk. I love to feel their warmth.

4. Mirror talks:

Talking to mirror is a favourite feeling because it always makes me feel light.
5. Songs:

Who on earth doesn’t love to enjoy music? I’m a music lover too! I can never pass a single day without listening to my favourite song.

6. Warm water:

Don’t be shocked after reading this!πŸ˜…
I drink warm water even if its 42Β°C outside. It has several health benefits and also provides a soothing effect.

7. Early mornings:

I’m a morning person. The World is more peaceful during this time. A cup of coffee could be a perfect start for the day.

8. Exams:

As a student, the satisfaction and happiness that I get after completing an exam has no bounds.
9. Food:

Food is always my first love. Pani Puri with both meetha and teekha can giveΒ  me instant happiness.

10. Blogging:

Last but never the least, it feels so good when I receive newΒ  comment, new like or a new follower. Blogging on the whole is my recent favourite feeling.
My Nominees:

I’m looking forward to read your answers!❀

Happy Blogging!

See you later- Wonderfolks πŸ–€

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