90 thoughts on “Fairy.

      1. There are many forms of poetry and not all have to rhyme or be syllabic poetry. There is a form of poetry referred to as Free Verse where it is lines of poetry that tie in together. Your poem would probably fall into that category. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful piece.

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  1. Hello HemaπŸ’–,
    Ever since I joined the bloggers community and I started following you, I can boldly say you’re a great inspiration. Your blog inspires me.
    This is me saying thank you for all you do, and also to say I see your work and I appreciate you dearly.
    I nominated you for an award. You can find the details here https://ellanwanua.com/my-first-blog-award-the-mystery-blogger-award/#more-1005.
    I know you deserve much more. Thank you and keep being a blessing.

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