Hello everyone!!

I missed the positive vibes this place had ever given me, I badly needed a break cuz, my life required some adjustments both physically and mentally. This haitus was so unexpected and I initially thought it would last few weeks but it crossed a month. Things disturbed me so much and I lacked focus, concentration.

My health deteriorated all of a sudden and I was made to look after it. Meanwhile, I had my first semester exams and offline classes in the next few days, I needed time to adapt the new environment, new people and new life. I’m all good now, college is also better than what I expected it to be.

I wrote few pieces in the last month, I’ll post all of them here and I’ll definitely catch up with all of your posts. I missed the people and their writings even more!!

Take care!❤️


52 thoughts on “helloooooooooo

      1. Look at it on the other side of your creative powers=I paid you for that-which wasn’t an entitlement, but what you eraned through your innovation and productivity!

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      2. I have really and truly been gifted by God with the gift to wriite and some say I be bragging, others think I over-step in my writers, some love my writings and some hate my writings, but if any writer is having writer’s block or want to stopwriting for any reason, I have *Poetic Magic Medicine* torenew their zest to write.

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